“Everybody Has Demons” the Screenplay

Everybody has demons the song

“Everybody Has Demons” the Screenplay


Written and registered with the Writers Guild in 2009, the screenplay is about a family with a lot of dramas.  Everybody has demons is not a horror flick, but a movie about Siblings with families and how “your secrets are your sickness;” as members of the family had deep down secrets that caused them to go astray in life.


The unique character of the screen is that the personalities are real however, the dramas were created by the writer to create situations that had to be addressed.  The screenplay does not end but comes to a conclusion that will carry on into a sequel.


Originally the screenplay was written with Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson in mind to play leading roles, but as I wrote the screen they showed interest and kept in contact, however towards the completion of the screenplay it seemed as if they had planned to rob me of the rights but the screenplay had a lot of inconsistencies that had to be corrected which was and then was immediately registered via the internet.


One of the roles would have included Beyonce; however there was never an offer to her.  The idea was to use musical artist in the Hip Hop, Pop and R&B Genres, in an all star cast to be a production of Paramount Pictures. Everyone who gave me feedback on the script said it was a very good screen, however I think it could use a Hollywood touch. 


The screenplay takes place in Avon Park, FL and the surrounding areas were my family owns property and the locations can be used to give the movie a realistic feel about a basica middle class family that had many issues that had to be addressed.


A role was offered to NaQuila aka Stackz2020 an up and coming R&B/Pop singer, whom I am producing and she performed what will be the title track in the soundtrack, called “Everybody has Demons.”  The song is attached to this article check it out.


I am looking for a director and actors to do this film ASAP.  Now that I am on location in Avon Park, FL. I am prepared to make a deal with people to do this film.  I know most serious actors, actresses and directors will not jump on a screen by an unknown writer, if that applies to me.  And most movie production companies will not accept an unsolicited screenplay for legal reasons.  So if you are interested in viewing the screenplay please write me at:


For those who fear the forbidding name write me at:


Please do not write this address unless you are interested in the screen at this time; it is an e-mail address I use very sparingly. Now I am putting it out there for this purpose.  A few roles are preserved for certain people I promised roles to such as NaQuila L. Hardy, also (John A. Gotti and Ice T) who plays special and secret agents, in joint task force assigned by the White House.


The screen should be relatively inexpensive to film due to the location that is compared to most major films.  We at Avon Park, FL. welcome the stars it will put us on the map.  We would love someone like Queen Latifah to accept a leading role, we love to have Paramount Pictures as a production company, and however we also welcome the independent movie production companies to bid.  We would love Denzel Washington to direct to the film, because of his great work as a director and I think Michael Bloomberg would be an excellent person to finance the film, I mean who else can finance it on the fly with discretionary cash?


The film has its funny moments, but addresses serious issues, based on real personalities, some real situations and actual events.  Hope to hear from some of you all.




Frank Paul Jones aka Frank Paul Gambino Productions:


Capstone Zulu now available on my own store at the hyperlink below:


 As well as these hyperlinks:




 We had a few bugs in the system, and we found them.  Now we are almost fully operational and are available on a few other sites.  Now I am ready to start selling music on a larger scale.

 PS: Selected & seriously interested parties will receive a PDF attachment.


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