Capstone Zulu Appeals to Oppressed Community

Capstone Zulu Appeals to Oppressed Community


Capstone Zulu calls on the oppressed calls on the oppressed to support the cause.  You do not have purchase the music; just listen to it at least.  There is a message that has to be heard.  The reason why the industry is saturated with bubble gum music like Lil Wayne’s garbage, sexual exploitation and the proud perverted is because the Gay Mob of Hollywood is promoted by punks like


The black community is asleep in hibernation.  Capstone Zulu is the wakeup call that represents the turning point of black artistic creation.  We are singing about stupidity while the world is coming to an end.  Does BP ring a bell?  We have to show distributor and record companies that truth is marketable and people want to hear it.  Visit ReverbNation and see why The Apostle album went to number one locally in just one week.  Genocide is a free download because AIDS is biological warfare!  Ignorance is all we have to fear!


Support the Cause and save the world at:


One play a day can save the world.  Be smart and do your part!


Frank Paul Gambino Productions


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