Capstone Zulu Rejected Three Times by ReverbNation

Can we make it?

Capstone Zulu Rejected Three Times by ReverbNation


In a unique licensing program called the premium licensing program by ReverbNation, which normally takes six to twelve weeks to decide on material to be licensed;  in less than three days Capstone Zulu was rejected three times as not being considered commercial material.  The song “Symbolic Castration,” “Mr. Magic” and “Can we make it” were considered too controversial.


Capstone Zulu said, “we knew when we did this project we would face tough challenges but at least thought we would get fair consideration from our distributor.  However honesty is honesty and what we are putting out now and will put out in our future releases will be controversial because we are on a mission to open the eyes of the world.”


“We wear these rejections as medals of Honor, because this goes to show that we are not putting out what the status quo expects in Hollywood to pacify perversion and the pure desire to exploit these principles.  These rejections only made us prepared to be even more resilient.”


NaQuila aka Stackz2020 who is about to be released in the near future was bewildered by such a quick decision.  She is not certain if she wants to follow the footsteps of Capstone Zulu whom she is a featured artist.  She feels a distributor should show more confidence and try to market the music regardless if it is to their liking.  To reject the songs so quickly showed a lack of commitment to their artist as a commercial potential. 


Their decision does not reflect the quality of the works but is a judgment based on whether or not the song is commercially appropriate for business use.  Capstone Zulu stated they knew the songs were political in content and would possibly be rejected in this program.


Frank Paul Gambino Reporting:  Lol!

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