Capstone Zulu passes Usher Raymond v. Raymond on ReverbNation

Capstone Zulu passes Usher Raymond v. Raymond on ReverbNation Charts


Capstone Zulu & Usher position on R&B Charts


Capstone Zulu is number one on the local charts in Avon Park Florida and passed Usher on the R&B global charts.  Usher a household name in the music industry with great name recognition may not be getting the promotions he deserves.  He is one of my favorite young acts and perhaps should consider coming over to Gambino Records to gain the attention he deserve. This project of mines is BETA (A Test) and you have not heard anything yet until you heard the release by NaQuila aka Stackz2020.


In any case Capstone Zulu continues to move up the charts quickly and considering we are an unknown act at the time we are proud of our accomplishments.  We know this article will probably do more for Usher than ourselves, but we hate to see an artist who sold millions of records, be surpassed by us in just a week.  This just goes to show how the music industry works.  I guess because he went independent the music industry turned their backs on him or are we just that good?  Lol.


Frank Paul Gambino Productions reporting:


You owe me Usher!


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