Bp an act of War & Atlanta Child Killer not Guilty

Bp an act of War & Atlanta Child Killer not Guilty

 Can we make it?

It is a sad day in America, when we requested an escrow account from an enemy of the State.  While BP spills 2oo million barrels time 42 = 8,400 million gallons of oil a day on our shores, all we can do is make request?  Meanwhile we want to start a world war in the Middle East over the people rights to their own properties, being their oil.


The Bp oil spill is clear cut act of war against the American people, because this is a National and World disaster.  I believe over time many will die and get sick in America and not just our sea food.  Maybe President Obama is in over his head in the dealing of this catastrophe.   Meanwhile everyone is being quiet about what is going on, because of the power of organization and corporations whose only concern is profits.  The whole thing is a damn shame and we are going to wait until people start dying of cancer and other diseases before we get active and march on Washington DC for immediate action.


I think if they cannot contain this spill we should destroy to source by any means necessary and a nuclear bomb should not bomb should not be taken off the table.  I think it is that serious an assault on our nation.  Queen Hitler of Britain has to be stopped, because as she profits we receive poison on our shores.


I think under the RICO Act we should freeze all of BP’s accounts and stop all insurance claims by the corporation.  Hit them where it hurts in their wallets, because they are not losing anything.  As oil is spilled they are making insurance claims and the White House knows this!


Arrest the whole damn board of directors and send military personal to Europe in preparation for an all out assault on England.  No; we will not do it because we are afraid of them and the Illuminati are in control of our government.  I am starting to believe my sister in that President Obama is being controlled by a foreign power.  Claims should not be limited to people directly effected by this at the scene because we all are effected as we will see in the domino effect in the near future  People will start dropping like flies behind this.

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Wayne Williams not Guilty


This deserves mentioning, I watch the documentary about the Atlanta Child Killings.  I know Wayne Williams did not do it and the government knows it.  He was a fall guy because people were afraid and the economy was threatened because of this.  He was a setup; because of his profile he was the perfect candidate. The deal was that the people responsible agreed to quietly leave Atlanta after things cooled down if the state convicted someone for the murders.  However he was never convicted or tried for the crimes, he was convicted by tabloids and other corrupt media.  How I know? They used the real Paul Castellano to take him down in an elaborate setup.  Those who have ears just heard the truth.  Paul Castellano reluctantly agreed to this scheme to end the murders, however now it is time to clear that man and compensate him for the wrongs done to him.

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