Pres. Obama puts foot down on BP in the last days of Earth

The New World Order

Pres. Obama puts foot down on BP in the last days of Earth


President Obama may request $20 Billion from BP in damages, but is that enough?  As this disaster is more than a tort it is a crime against the world and the American people.  And even in torts there are punitive damages.  They say it will be tough negotiations.  Should the term negotiations and requests apply?  I say we should demand at least twice that much by a corporation that pays about $10 Billion a year in dividends to its share holders.  Why should they continue to profit as we suffer for many years to come?  We pick on the alleged Mafia for operations that is not even a fraction in damages to the economy and the people of our nation.  We sent a young man to join over a damn dog and this?  Let us look at some facts about the costs behind this crime against humanity.


Over 12,000 people already in Louisiana have filed for unemployment, now you do the math, as to the cost it will render to our economy in paid benefits and lost revenue.  Meanwhile at most BP might be fined about $1.5 Billion, this is a joke, when President Obama has decided to visit Florida because the Black Mold has reach the West coast of Florida already, with no end in sight with the spilling.  And this means more damages and unemployment due to the loss of Florida’s economy.  As we have a $75 Million cap on oil company liability?  A damn joke, that has to be corrected, this cap has to be lifted, there has to be punitive damages applied.  Because BP led all along and this is a RICO Act case in the workings, many people need to go to jail for a long time.


Then like I said we sent a kid to jail over a damn dog, meanwhile over 400 spices of wild life are threatened by this spill.  Not only that but millions of people will probably get seriously sick in the long run because of this.  As workers are getting sick already because they were lied to and made to work without respirators.  This is serious business and a concern of every American.


President Obama wants to cut back on stimulus money to the oil companies, something that should have never existed.  And because of this we are finally seriously considering alternative fuels, something we could have been done.  We could have converted to things like hydro fuel long ago, but the power of these big corporations forced us into this situation.  Everyone knows we are not dependent on oil because there are no alternative energy sources, but it is because of lobbyist and politics.  This whole situation could have been avoided, but too many hands were lined with oil blood money to support the status quo.


People think this is about the love of wildlife, when in reality it is about the survival of mankind and the economy.  Things like global warming is at stake here, this is just the sleeper we had a wakeup call already which was led by people like Al Gore, who need to speak up and say I told you so! 


So what is next a nuclear explosion by a bomb too many or space shuttle explosion over a major city that destroys the atmosphere?  Let us face it we do stupid things that are very dangerous in this world and we are human in a world controlled by evil people whose time is up.  This is just the beginning of the conclusion and it will get worst, so brace you.


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    This is how he’s seen from the UK. Despite everything, for now, I still believe in him.

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