The Hidden Secret ReverbNation Distribution

The Hidden Secret ReverbNation Distribution


Link to the Music of Capstone Zulu



As we all have been informed of, I am performing a BETA Test on distribution networking and chose ReverbNation as my distributor.  I found out more than I bargained for.  ReverbNation is in the business of the distribution of music by such artist as Chaka, 50 Cent, Usher, to guys like myself.  Moving up the charts is an art however, really good material is very important as you reach better competition.


What I realize is that shows like American Idol have nothing on ReverbNation.  Despite the fact that ReverbNation is about professional artist, a lot of them do not have a professional system to move their products.  Many artists have the sound but not the package, due to financial circumstances. 


I mean with the home recording systems and the DAW people can express themselves well on their recorded projects.  However, the dream to sell the product is not as easy.  I listened to what is out their now and I am going to give two examples of what I come to realize.  Here are two artists who seem to be excellent yet have no management systems to put them out there.  They are better than most of the stuff I hear on the radio but they just have not been picked up yet.


From the West Coast I want to introduce Mr.Cocky Hash Burna on ReverbNation


From the East Coast I want to introduce Act on ReverbNation


They are clearly talented and deserve a break.  Check it out!


Reminder:  NaQuila aka Stackz2020 will be released soon!


This is Stackz2020 page.


NaQuila expressed the desire to get picked up by people like Jermaine Dupri, P Diddy or Damon Dash:






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  2. listen to this tell me what u think! ty

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