Capstone Zulu hits charts but not carts

The New World Order

Capstone Zulu hits charts but not carts


Although the BETA project has been a success and I feel we are ready to go to the next phase, we have experienced poor sales so far.  The problem is the lack of radio play, MP-3 sales and plays on ReverbNation website.  We are not getting the message out there as well as we wish to do so.  Part of the problem is focus and commitment.


Due to financial restraints we are under staffed and is doing so many things (multitasking) the non profit organization The National Community Network & Coalition of Highlands INC., we are finally at the mastering stage on NaQuila’s project, working on new material and performing the BETA test, meanwhile no extra coffers are being introduced.  Not to mention the main focus of the movement which is these writings?  We are not over extended we can handle all we are doing and take on more responsibilities; however this is not possible without something other than what we already have has to start coming in.


So this is a straight forward appeal to my fiends and associates to start to support my selfless project with MP-3 purchases.  I cannot blog, produce, write and perform and promote and nothing comes in.  If you believe in my work, I ask you to support it, but purchasing my music on these websites.  It is about the movement!


Capstone Zulu now available on my own store at the hyperlink below:




As well as these hyperlinks:









Your support is needed for our work to continue.


Thank you in advance.


Frank Paul Gambino  




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