Pure Uninvestigated Gossip Pure Uninvestigated Gossip


I admit I sometimes write pure uninvestigated gossip, because I know a lot of people are addicted to celebrity gossip.  However those article are far and in between, I am not trying to earn my way to fame based on folly.  I admit I use terms that are provocative in nature, because I am about action.  However I do not totally feed the people lies, but  People think they are a source of factual information and they are worst than a common tabloid.  They have Gay Mob written all over them.


Do not mistake Gay Mob with a homosexual, but with people who feed off of lies to gain the attention of the populace to persuade them to have perverted thinking.  When I say Gay Mob, I am talking about the promoters of the Hollywood state of mind, which is fake but real to the general population.


How do I know liars when I hear them, because I was lied on as they forced celebrity status on me, they attached jive crap along side of it.  Even though I do not associated the Gay Mob with sexual preference it is obvious the whole damn crew is a bunch of freaks from Mars.

Why am I writing this, it is because people need to understand what is going on in the media, to overcoming what I call the Symbolic Castration and Project Mentality that has kept many oppressed people in mental bondage.


All they do is twist things and lie about things in a sly way by mixing facts with fiction.  They and people like them gave me a bad name.  Like the release of Michael Jackson’s FBI report, first of all my records were sealed and should have never been exposed to the public.  Then they lied on the headlines of their article by saying I was a stalker, something I was never charged or convicted for. This was a rumor Jermaine Jackson started out of animosity, out of concern for his sister Janet.   


I have nothing against for getting their hustle on, hell it beats feeding our kids drugs.  I just think they should respect a person’s real privacy and try to keep with the facts.  I catch hell in everyday life because of what people think about me. 


As I am trying my best to do something positive these days, as I am attempting to do so without harming anyone but they are now silent about me now?  They dragged my name in the mud for no reason but a days worth of attention.  If all has in their heart is to bad mouth me at every opportunity they may well best wash their mouths out with soap, because what they left out of their article was my actions were those of someone who felt he had nothing to lose, but now I feel do at the moment.  Please do not take that from me, because it gives life meaning.

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