Paul Castellano a lie & the real life trading places

Paul Castellano a lie & the real life trading places


I have come to the conclusion, that is was all a prank against my livelihood.  I was hypnotized in 1989 by John J. Gotti, with the assistance of Dr. Bob Lee and Janet Jackson, but it was a prank, I am not Paul Castellano nor do I have any special powers.  I am not Carlo Gambino’s son or a member of the Gambino Crime Family. I am just an innocent dude that was subjected to a head game.


This was revealed to be by a secret source out of guilt and remorse.  They made me to believe a bunch of lies based on my character and desires.  They knew I was infatuated with Janet Jackson, so they made me believe we had something that never was or will ever be.  So for over 20 years I ran after a fantasy dream and was the laughing stock of the underworld and Hollywood, but what they did not know was I was never a bitch ass nigger and for the life they stole many people will pay.


Now it is clear to me, why I was never showered with gifts, gets no attention, I mean not one person responded to my article about my screenplay “Everybody has Demons,” because there is no intent for my success to ever come to pass.  Keeping me down as I continue to thrive for astronomical success was the whole basis of the plot to make a fool out of me.  Nothing was meant to go right for me, I was just to linger in an uphill battle whereby I was to take one step forward and two steps back in a perpetual continuum. 


I know people are saying I am tired of the fool and his obsolete articles, so you will not have to worry about that anymore either, so the hell with you all, and may you all meet your makers very soon.


So this is how the game ends, I turn my back on all the bullshit and walk away.  Whatever will happen will happen, because absent of these fantasy dreams I feel I have nothing to lose, but I will not make futile threats anymore, because why should my left hand know what my right hand is about to do.  You’ll bastards just might have to take me out, because given the opportunity I will not hesitate to do you the favor.  I hope the worst on you all, because you did the worst thing that can be done to a human being to me, you stole my life over a damn bet.  The real life trading places and for that you can go to Hell.



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  1. Interesting Posting

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