The Hollywood Fantasies and Self Destruction

The Hollywood Fantasies and Self Destruction


Often we do not know things until they happen to us, like all my young adult life I believed the news media was real.  I really never understood when people said do not listen to the tabloids.  And then a daunting reality set in.  I became a victim of the news media.  My actions and words were put under a microscope with falsehoods inserted.  And people were made to believe I was monster that in reality I was not.  I do not want to live in or discuss the past to much here, but those who know where I am coming from should continue.


Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a part of the entertainment scene, I do not know if it was for the glamour, money or because my talents were silenced in the ghetto.  But I always wanted to be a part of the scene.  But like I said reality set in and the Hollywood dreams and fantasies became obvious.  I know entertainment is merely an escape.  It is the culprit to the many ills of society.  But I realize Hollywood is more than simply, entertainment music, television, the movies and radio, but I come to realize even CNN is factious because it is factitious by design.   


I learned the craft of deception by being a victim and then doing my BETA researches.  I learned about people by writing articles some all jokes “LOL” and some serious.  I found that people are captivated by jive time gossip and have a short attention span on the real issues, probably because the condition of the mindset in American society.


All to say let us face it the world is coming to an end. Only the people stuck on the Hollywood dreams and fantasies fail to realize this.  To them good is bad and bad is good.  They believe in Satan and call him god.  They believe fake is real and relevant is ill-relevant.  Why because the mindset of society is the state of the world.  And the state of the world has come to the final call.


So you continue to look at, Entertainment Tonight, CNN without scrutiny and the like.  As you ignore what you see in reality in your community, in the mirror and the condition of your life.  As you take the focus off of yourself and call me names like mad and crazy.  Go on and judge the messenger and not hear the message.  Because one day disaster will knock on your door like it did in Haiti, the AIDS pandemic, the BP oil spill, the wars around the world and the list goes on. 


As we are stuck on the Hollywood dreams and fantasies?  Will we continue to mourn over a handful of dead celebrities but forget the falling of millions of innocent people, thinking this craziness cannot knock on our doors?  Because many really do not care about themselves anyway anymore!  Hopelessness is the new reality? No!  That is the fantasy we have been conditioned to accept.  The answer to self destruction is to be real with ourselves, look in the mirror.


Be a leader!



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