The Engineer, Tester & the Technician of Mankind

The Engineer, Tester & the Technician of Mankind


So I continue on this discussion on how we can take a physical analogy to develop spiritual insight.  First we discussed the parallel between the computer network system and the Grand Architect.  With the understanding of mankind replication of the design of the Kingdom of God in everyday affairs, we shall go further.


In the construction of a building we describe the designer as an architect, so be it for the construction of God’s temple, which is the body of man and the Lord. The body being described as many parts of an operating system and the Lord is at the head.  People with basic bible instruction should be on the same page so far, because I did not stray that far yet.


Now in electronics technology a newer science than the construction of buildings and a science closer to the simulation of the design of mankind, we call the designer an engineer.  So there is a parallel to the Grand Architect and the engineer.  So the Grand Architect in this case designed the operating system of mankind which we described as the creation theory defined.  Now I ask exactly who the Grand Architect of the world is.  And is the world a replication of Heavenly things?


With the understanding of the engineer who is the designer, before the product is ready for the use it was designed for it must be tested.  The tester as describe in scripture is Satan.  His purpose was to find the flaws of the designer and his assemblers.  Then the Technician would the corrector of these flaws, and this would be the role of the Son of Man.  And the head of the technician would the Son himself who is the Son?


Based on this theory the tester being Satan actually works for the Lord.  Satan is the presenter to the Lord of the flaws of Mankind, and based on this theory is there truly good and evil?  What we have is a process called the development of Mankind.


To sum up this principle of thoughts it would be simpler for us all to accept, that there are sides.  What side is best for you is what matters.  For those who accept that Satan time is up as do many secret orders and societies, who have given Satan a face for us all to see, as he was hidden for about 2,000 years from us the side of the true God is best.   So what is the side of the true God exactly?


The true God is the correction of the flaws of the operating system of mankind.  It is the design of a just and fair world and not a world designed to oppress people for material gain.  It is the truth and not this voodoo garbage that has been fed to the black man and the world since the infiltration of the Europeans into the Garden of Eden or the land of innocence.


He who has ears HAS HEARD THE WORD.




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