When Practice brings forth the understanding of Man

When Practice brings forth the understanding of Man


Does practice actually make perfect?  Probably not!  In fact the two terms practice and perfect are like oxymorons.  I mean why practice something that is perfect?  Because something that is perfect is done and to practice something is to do it.  Therefore where is the perfection in doing something already done perfectly?  We should leave good enough alone!  With that in mind as we are taught, God’s creation was perfect yet he needed a son, to finish the job?  So was God’s creation perfect?  Of course not, and so we have to conclude that practice does not make it perfect.


How often does the creator truly understand his creation?  Let us be real and use something like software as a comparison.  Things of complexity such as the mind of man and even software are based on a theory. When a person or entity creates a complex design, it is based of theories.  If this happens or command this command is made, than this next thing should happen and so forth.  Through trial and error these theories are improved and these improvements are called updates and upgrades, but not perfections.  Therefore is it the Son’s mission to make mankind perfect or to improve mankind?


I have come to the conclusion in my humble opinion that practice brings forth understanding.  And even the understanding developed through practice is not a perfect understanding, but a greater understanding based on trial and error.  For the Son of Man’s duty is to patch or correct the mindset of mankind one step at a time.  Which is an ongoing process?


As we use the analogy of software as being the mind of man, a man could be considered the hardware that is controlled by h this mindset.  If we do this we can consider the Internet as the means of communications among men.  If we do this we can see clearly the operation of mankind and the parallels between a computer, software and its network.  The boiler plate to the computer network is the design of mankind.


Remember this; the bible takes physical insights to create spiritual analogies.  It takes things that we as mankind can see and understand to allow us to have insights and understanding of what we cannot see. 


So if you look at a computer as a man, its software as the mind of man and its network as the community of man and its creator as the grand architect of the world, you will have taken a physical analogy and developed a spiritual insight. And this is a practice that can bring forth understanding and a greater understanding of the expectations of the Lord.  And by doing so be in line of keeping it real.  Therefore mankind must evolve into something newer and improved, but probably will never be perfect.  Understood?






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