Highlands County Projections are Self-Defeating

Highlands County Projections are Self-Defeating


I admit I am a traveling man, ever since I was 17 years old and joined the Army for the first time; I have been on the move.   I never stayed in one place for more than three years, but one time from age 17 to the age of 41. I lived in a few states to include my Hometown New York City where I just recently left as I am on mission, which brought me to Highlands County.


I am the President of a Non Profit Organization, “The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.”  I am trying to get it off the floor, and however my greatest voice is over the Internet.  I am not the most popular person in this town among black people.  They have preconceived notions about me and I find them to be very judgmental and their judgments are very prejudicial.  They think they know me and really do not even know of me.  This is the hand I was dealt and my promise to my uncle W.M. Roberts was to do work for the community.  Something I honestly wished upon myself and the promise was a seal to my true intent.


I look at myself like the Amerigo Vespucci or Christopher Columbus of the New World Order or even Buggy Siegel of the old Mafia.  I see myself as the pioneer to a new land undeveloped that has a huge future prospect and that place is Highlands County.   You can go to these hyperlinks for further information about the people mentioned and the basic profile of Highlands County, Florida.


If nothing else was taught to me by family members, two things that stuck with me are: 


#1: Search for the truth and #2: You can talk things into existence.


Now if you study the Highlands County profile you will find a self defeating projection.  The people who put this together had no vision for the future of Highlands County.  The projections of Highlands County are simply based on past performances instead of the desired trends and events.


I close with these two statements.


#1: The Bp Oil Spill will affect the coastal areas of Florida.  Therefore the Real Estate value will drastically decease.


#2: The Future of Highlands County, Florida is being spoken into existence.


This means that Highlands County, Florida is about to prosper, if we prepare the infrastructure and the mindset of the people.





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