Profiling Black People Hurts the Legal System

Profiling Black People Hurts the Legal System


“Chickens come home to roost,” and “They do the same amount of drugs but not the same amount of time.”

Let us discuss the legal system.  Historically, the law served a purpose which was to control crime.  We had law enforcement and crime control that worked hand in hand.  In a booming economy law also acted as an oppressor for the African American Community.  Whereby a term called racial profiling was and still is eminent.  For example behavioral patterns of the African American community led to certain types of investigations, which led to the arrest and convictions of many black people and with that said we will continue. 

Many African Americans would end up in the prisons and jails, and due to the lack of legal representation do more time incarcerated than their white counterparts.  It was said that the scales of justice was tilted.  Well known is the Industrial Prison Complex.  This was a short sighted conspiracy for economic gain, which actually hurt the economy.  As the prison population quadrupled from 1980 to 2008, going from 500,000 to 2.5M, at a cost of about $25G per inmate.  This really hurts the tax payers, especially when most people went to jail for drug offenses.

The war on drugs declared by President Reagan in1982 and aggressively escalated by President Bush 1989 led to lot of drug addicts being put into the legal system.  Again a lot of money taken from the tax base, to incarcerate indigent people cost the legal system in the long run.  Because the people going to trial could not afford to retain legal representation and the result is lawyers who were distinguished professionals lost their luster and were outsourced by the plead bargain syndrome.

When I grew up real gangsters supported the legal system, they being the Mafia controlled the streets, stayed in court and did not go to jail because they paid for legal representation and did not snitch each other out.  Today everybody makes a deal, so what good is a defense lawyer?  Now you have street gangs members who plead bargain.

The bottom line is the systematic oppression of the black man destroyed the legal system, because defense lawyers became obsolete.  The short sighted tunnel vision mentality of lawyers in political office put themselves out of work. 

The solution is that we must give equal access to criminal prosecution.  It is the white people who have all the money and can afford a legal defense for the crimes they also commit.  There will always be more poor people in the jails and prisons than the wealthy, but the only way the judicial system will survive is to start busting white people again instead of simply profiling African Americans.  The scales of justice must be balanced or it will self-destruct.  This is why Highlands County, Florida Lawyers for example are going out of business; the scales of justice are not balanced here.  The Highlands County Jail is filed with addicts who need rehabilitation and clean streets and not jail time.


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  1. Such a wonderful article, its true what you say that, “The Highlands County Jail is filed with addicts who need rehabilitation and clean streets and not jail time.” There are just so many treatment centers in Florida that it should be easy for people that need help to be able to find it if they need it.

  2. BNP (Black National Party)

    The BNP (Black National Party) has been created to expedite the work of the Race Equality Secret Service (RESS).

    The BNP (Black National Party) gets stronger as “STORMFRONT” gets weaker.

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