Blacks must look within self for fame and notoriety

Blacks must look within self for fame and notoriety


Through the late 1800’s to the 1960’s blacks played the Chitlin’ circuit, because it was considered safe for black’s during the segregated south in America.  Another piece on black history was the black educational institutions, whereby blacks went to black schools because they had no other choice.  The African American community fought hard to gain acceptance by white America to integrate into mainstream white American mindset, but at what cost?


Did the black community really gain anything, by gaining acceptance in mainstream white America?  Because like Minister Louis Farrakhan stated, who do we now depend on for agents, accountants, educators, managers and the many services that are conditional to these acceptances?  I mean are we better off making $100,000 for self or earn $500,000,000 for someone to else only end up broke and die?


We in the black community not only fought for acceptance by whites, but our mentality was the problem in the beginning.  We looked to white people to determine our levels of success.  White media determines if we are famous, the billboard 100, and other white charts determine if we are a hit.  And it is like whereby they are simply numbers of no true relevance.  So what if you sold 1,000,000 @ $9.99 each, when the cost was $10M in all types of silly expenses, for the mansion only employees get to enjoy to riders on your contract to get red jellybeans on a tray.


We measure successes by money made for our slave masters and yes I said slave masters and not the money that actually goes into our accounts.  But like Minister Farrakhan said the fault of the problem does not put food on the table nor can it be used as investment capital.  But we have to be aware of what is going on before we can develop solutions.  The solution is obvious we must return to doing for self.  We must self educate as we cater our system to what is necessary for a black people to survive in America.  We have to develop our own concert venues, develop our children to be managers, agents and everything necessary to be self reliant.  


Fact: African Americans are crucial to the consumer economy, with a population of 39 million and buying power of $892 billion – a figure expected to exceed $1.1 trillion in 2012.


We are already empowered, we are simply asleep.


Capstone Zulu



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