The Black and Godless Community

The Black and Godless Community


1Ti 5:8 If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.


As I presented in argument, should we look within for fame and notoriety?  In other words; should our good or even a bad name come from family and friends or should it be determine by interlopers.  We allow strangers to tell us about people we knew all of our lives.  We allow people who know nothing about a family member or friend to tell us who and what they are and has become and that is sad.


The main-steam media tells us a person is a success and we put them before our own brother and sister literally.  We will spend our money with a stranger before our own family member to save 5 cents even if it means travelling two mile to do so.  We support the stranger and starve the neighbor.  This is the mindset of the black community and it is called the Crab Mentality.  Rather than help our loved one, we will bring them down to our level of misfortune.


And yes, I am also guilty of this insanity.  I did it, as a consumer I bought from the stranger instead of the family member.  I bought what I felt I wanted and not supporting what I knew I needed.  Tell me what is more important the success of a family member, friend, or associate or to satisfy a desire developed in your mind by advertisement?   We have been fooled we have been hoodwinked and for this reason even as we claim to be righteous in many cases we are less than an unbeliever. 


So proudly we boast we are of God and turn our backs on our own and watch them suffer in the name of god.  Yes, I am talking about the god of the little g.  We will supply a stranger with all the necessities of life, because in reality there is no God within us.


Now I will bust you in the head with the reality, the biggest problem in the black community is we have no God.  Every powerful community has their own God but us, we look to others be it white, Arab and some foreign entity for a god.  We are so fooled by the afterlife promise that we refuse to live.  While everyone is enjoying earth we are making reservations to life after death and nobody we know ever came back to tell us about it.  We serve the god of never land.   To tell you the truth we are a disgrace to the human race and you wonder why blacks who do make it try to be something other than self.  We do not even have a God of self proclamation.    


Now we discuss Independence Day?  Who gained independence on this day in 1776?  Slavery ended about 1865.  So what do we do what we were planted here in America to do, be consumers?  BBQ, get drunken blow our cash and kill each other.  And wakeup with a hangover and still oppressed?  Black people are a disgrace to the human race.  So what is black pride and yes I am guilty also.


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