When good is bad and bad is good

When good is bad and bad is good


Have you ever heard the saying that many believe God is Satan and Satan is God?  I ask what is really good and what is really bad.  A man once told me that God does not give you what you want but what you need in order to grow in life and so on.


I said to him; it is true that God gives you what you need.  However Satan is tempting he even tempted the Lord.  Now the problem is many people here on Earth do not know the difference between the Lord and Satan.  Who influences the Media and Hollywood as we all want to be stars perhaps at the price of our souls?  And finally; I ask who is the so-called Pope and is he a eunuch, a man without the challenges of everyday desires?


Think about it; why do we desire the things we desire, to include the need for God in our lives?  Is our desire for God innate or based on advertisement?  In this world who has control over the media the rich or the poor?  Than I ask does making you an oppressed people mean that you have God in your heart?  Of course not!  A lesson in the bible is that oppression was a punishment, for they were disbelievers who were chosen by God and they were described as Jews.  Another listen in the bible was that they were punished for having faith in God and they were called Christians.


So I ask is being punished on earth a good thing?  Should I wear oppression like a badge of honor?  Should I be proud because I do not have damn thing?  Should I continue to be meek until old age?  Is my continued obedience towards my oppressor a good thing?  For Satan the continued obedience would be a good thing, but is that what God would do?  These are the decisions we are faced with everyday and so we procrastinate.  Is the black community my Satan?  To them I sacrificed my life for no reciprocation. As I spoke against their oppressor, their oppressor became mine’s.  So I must ask I do these things for what?


Now the real question has come to my attention.  Who are exactly are my people.  Are they the people of like skin or like mind or a combination of many characteristics?  I tell you I suffered for most of my life and allowed myself to be deprived of the fruits of Earth and now I wonder why or for what.  Have I turned myself into a sacrificial lamb and wasted my God given talents on Godless people?  Would I be a sellout to give them what they want, due to the condition of their minds, which is a state of oppression in mindset?


I am getting older everyday and suffering is getting old and tired.  So I ask myself is fighting this useless constant war worth it? Do I have to parish to get my due recognition?  Though I remain faithful in my understanding of God, I question those I chose as my underdogs in need of fighter and spokes person.  Though chosen by my God I was not accepted by them.  By doing these things I made myself the underdog and a talent being wasted.  So I ask myself for what, have I made my life a living hell as they enjoy darkness.


So I ask now what good am I to myself?  Would I be a sellout to give them what they want and is what they want all they deserve?


Jn 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

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