NaQuila’s Project about to be released

NaQuila’s Project about to be released


Stackz2020 aka NaQuila && Female Gotti and what you see is no typographical is about to be released.  NaQuila another Gambino Production was put through a much better production process and songs selection than Capstone Zulu, I think it is a much better product.  Capstone Zulu was a BETA Project to prepare for the coming day.  Capstone Zulu so far was not a successful release as far as sales and reception by the industry and its consumers; however the BETA Project was a success.  We have a better understanding of today’s market.


NaQuila’s Project yet to be named is not as political as Capstone Zulu yet is still political. For this reason there is concern as to the support it will receive.  People like civil rights leaders claim to be dissatisfied with the industry use of terms such as nigger and bitch and the lack of meaning in the lyrics, but is the argument valid?  I feel Capstone Zulu should have received more support regardless of the poor production as a symbolic gesture. However NaQuila’s Project which is a much better production will stand as a litmus test for the industry, so to speak.


People say one thing and mean another.  Sometimes listening to the complainers is a dead end because those who do the complaining do not do the buying.  Though music is means of communications the BETA Project revealed very important information.  People want to escape and music is sort of a relief valve.  People want to listen to nonsense song and music as a pastime.  The real world has its place in life like at the 9 to 5, but it may not be in music, we will find out soon, with NaQuila release.  We wonder will people accept the message or fear it.


The song we thought would be well received actually ran people off as insensitive; being “FindCure-CureAIDS,” still we have big plans for the song.  We plan to donate the song to non profit causes and the song in very few words has a powerful message, put for some reason people think we are making fun of the sick whereby we are speaking up for them.


SUS (Services for the Underserved) an organization in New York City, an organization I did extensive work for in the past is on the top of this list as a corporation to be at the receiving end. They do fine work for AIDS patients as will as for the Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Ill.


We did some other original things in this project as I take to blame for its future failure and share it blame for future success.  I say this because I worked NaQuila who sings well at B4 in C2, because a lot of the material was originally meant for me.  I chose not to transpose the music for reasons beyond this article.  However her next set will be closer to B4.  So to those who think she sounds deep it was by design.  And I think she did a fine job.  However deep is the message!


The bottom line is that this may be the beginning of something different but certainly something big.  As we are currently preparing to go back into the studio to do two project at one time.  We will put together another Capstone Zulu Project, which again will be political, but NaQuila’s next project will be more of what people are conditioned to hear.  Actually we plan to just have fun with it, sort of giving the people what they want.  As for Capstone Zulu you can always depend on us to relay the contemporary messages of reality and hope.  NaQuila however deserves a break into the industry and should not be force to fight my uphill battles.


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