Music Industry so big it is small in Mindset

Music Industry so big it is small in Mindset


When I was a youngster there was a band on at least every block.  I had a band and so did my friend across the street.  I played the bass guitar and other bass guitarist would practice with me as we taught each other different songs.  Then came the DJ era and we used some of the equipment like the bass speakers for booming sounds and started mixing music at the park.  It was all fun in the Bridge aka the Queensbridge Projects, in Long Island City, New York.  Times have sure changed; today the new trend is everyone is a Producer.  Home Studios are reasonably priced now and can produce professional sounds.


Have you ever checked out  Some people have as many as 35,000 fans, most of who are bands and artist themselves.  There seem to be as many artists as there are buyers these days.  I predicted a couple of years ago that this would happen.  The people making money in the industry are the people that supply the real demand and that are not the final production of music.  Meaning the money is in selling music production software and hardware and not CD’s.


The money is being made by people like Steinberg, Propellerheads, Pro Tools, Sony and Apple and so on.  People like ReverbNation and Tune-core and the like are making a killing.  Meanwhile the world is coming to an end.  I had to add that.


Times have certainly changed; I remember movements like the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam (Black Muslim Movement) and even the 5 percenters.  We were politically involved and cared about our neighborhoods and the world.  Then we had things like summer jobs and social programs and at worst a war in Vietnam.  Today the whole damn world is at crisis and the youth is not engaged what so ever.  I wonder if they even watch the news anymore.


What does all this have to do with music?  Music is supposed to be a means of communications.  The Urban sound should represent the reality of the urban areas, we should have more to say than Niggers this and Bitches that and how much dope money a fool has, but it is not the case.  When people like Jay Z and Lil Wayne gets paid millions to speak and people like Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton has to literally beg at a civil rights events to pay for security, something is wrong.  Why is this?  Is the younger generation is plain stupid?  Our leaders of the community are out of touch?  I do not have the answer to this!  I just know we are sleeping as we are being slaughtered literally.  Maybe Jimmy Jam should produce our activists and leaders? 


I just know the world is coming to an end.  The prison population is crazy for blacks. Yet we have this outlet called music whereby few are making any substantial money anyway, yet we are selling our souls replicating people with big contracts.  The people with huge contracts have to sell lollipop music because they are owned by big corporate businesses, however people on and ReverbNation can promote real issues, because they are not making anything anyway, so at least they can help remedy the problems we are faced with and that is the argument of the day.  Stop talking loud and saying nothing, while your neighbor is dying and you are starving in the industry you are not welcomed to be a part of.


Why kiss the ass that shits in your face?


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