NaQuila Shops Record Deal & Gambino has Concerns

NaQuila Shops Record Deal & Gambino has Concerns

 People Crying (Colors)

Stackz2020 & Female Gotti aka NaQuila shops for a record deal.  Gambino Productions and NaQuila have a tentative agreement to record 100 songs, 20 of which have been completed.  There is a disagreement on how the shopping is being done.  Gambino Productions wants more involvement in the process and refuses to play the role as a hand in something so potentially corrupt.  Gambino Productions feels that there are too many unscrupulous business people in the record industry, who are out to beat an un-established artist with dreams?


“I am not a hater I am a congratulator,’ says Frank.  I want the best for NaQuila, but I know nothing is free in the Industry.’  ‘Everybody is out to make a buck on the backs of others.  In what I feel is supposed to be a partnership I refused to be used because she enjoys putting her trust in strangers.  Let us face it with the World Wide Web people can pose to be things they are not.  They can claim to be affiliated with major labels and are not.  They can put up fancy web sites and fool you and yet be no more established in the game as we are.  I refused to get pimped by a stranger because NaQuila is hungry and naïve.   I prefer she sue me first and have my day in court.”


NaQuila is weary of ReverbNation after the poor sales of the Capstone Zulu’s album the Apostle, which Gambino Productions clearly promoted as a BETA project, meaning it was a test, to explore the distribution networks available.  Gambino and NaQuila personal relationship has grown into serious status and sometimes “business and personal relations have flaws, whereby love and trust supersedes inking the deal until things go sour,” says Frank.  And with other immediate financial concerns everything is at a stand still anyway.  In the business of music relationship a lot depends on how this (her) current project is handled from both sides.


Personally I think the project is an excellent one for a first, which represents something very provocative.  It was designed to be a head turner more that a million sellers, which would introduce her as a serious artist.  Yes she is working on her business degree, but I have two degrees already, one in Paralegal studies and one in management.  I am trying to get my non profit organization off of the floor as she is working closely with her career. But if I smell a fish and sense something wrong and you ask for my advice take it or leave it, this is up to you.  However I refuse to be a fool or pawn to a stranger and I can multitask, this is what I was trained to do.


The bottom line is I cannot micromanage NaQuila; it has to be on ink in order for my authority on matters to be official, as I can see.  On the other hand Macro management is available until than.  What I see is a fish that is fishing and headed for the big hook.  If the intent of the big hook is good, she will be blessed but if he is a pander in disguise whose problem will it become?  So if I say I smell a fish, I smell a fish and if that cannot be respected by any artist I work with, than what is my purpose and what is their intent?  “As her Producer/Co writer, with potentially 80 songs to go, there has to be a level of business etiquette and it has to be fine tuned.  I do not like the way things are being done” says Frank.


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