Capstone Zulu Back in Studio with New Sound

Capstone Zulu Back in Studio with New Sound


Gambino Productions is back at it.  A new Capstone Zulu project is in the works.  This is my final attempt or my first encore; either way if this project does not get off of the floor, I know when to throw in the towel.  I know when enough is enough.  I have been at this music thing all my life and never got paid for my successes as a ghost and have fail upfront.


My nephew Dahoud R. Smith should be returning home very soon considering how long he has been locked up.  We are trying to build him a home down here in Florida for him to return to.  He loves music as I do and is younger than I.  I feel like maybe I should pass the torch of Gambino Productions over to him and do my non profit thing full time.  The music thing has broken my wallet.  However before I give up I have to give it one last shot and give it all I got.


Maybe I am out of touch with the music scene or my demands are too high, so these doors remain closed to me.  I admit I am not as enthusiastic about music anymore.  I mean the business is dirty, it is a joke and the joke is on me.  As I write this article I am in silence, normally I listen to music as I write.  But music today is becoming more and more like television, which is something I have little use for.  It is nothing but Hollywood perverted bullshit.


Do not get me wrong, I am just tired of eating peanut butter and jelly so to speak, when it could be steak and lobster.   All my life I took on battles and I am tired of fighting and simply want to live for a change.  Music which was once therapeutic to me has become an obsession, which is destroying my chances for a livelihood.  My lack of life is no longer fun.  


I know my last Capstone Zulu project was just thrown together in the last minute, and my skills are much greater than that.  In the next project I have to prove or disprove myself as an artist and producer and than perhaps move on in life.  I mean writing screenplays and performing songs are just not putting food on my table.


On the other hand my nephew Dahoud, has been away most of his adult life, if not all of it.  He got in trouble because of his love for music.  What music was once for me, it may become for him, which is therapeutic. He has skills is younger and still has the dream, as for me I am tired of the bullshit and refuse to sell my soul to bubble gum garbage.  The dream has faded!  But it is not over yet, because maybe a tight production might work.  But if not it will be my trophy. 


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