Gambino Promises Next Capstone Zulu worth the Wait

Gambino Promises Next Capstone Zulu worth the Wait


A lot has been on the cooker the last few months.  However I feel that the expertise levels have matured and the focus has resonated to stratospheric echelons.  I feel I have something to prove if to nobody but myself, however “if” does not really apply and the next one is for the world.  It is time to call in my chips and welcome friends out of hiding to do what I know we can do together.


I figure the next project will take about one year give or take.  As I will do things that only the imagination will allow one to do.  This is not all talk.  We are talking about a full fledged project that will be held under raps.  Very few people will know what is going on this time around, as it will be done in modules.  I plan to call on all my connections one step at as time and one contact at a time.  We will bring in people from around the country, especially New York City and Queensbridge.  We are talking about collaborations with established artist as well as the new jacks.


We are talking about things that I cannot share at this time.  We are talking about a huge package; all to be done before I perhaps pass on the torch to my nephew Dahoud R. Smith aka Da-Uzi, if he is blessed with his freedom the next spring from prison. 


I plan to train my nephew well upon release on the newer technology, as I transition to what I was probably born to do which is the community service thing.  I plan to call in my old band members who are now located in several cities around the country.  I plan to call in some of the beneficiaries of our works, such as…


…People will know that Capstone Zulu is no joke after this project.  I wish I could share with you many of the wonderful things in the works, but ideas are so valuable and this one is for me and my crew.  I feel it is time to do me, I did everyone else and it seems that my latest project will be another success; I am not at liberty to say why.


I will say this; the fans will not have to wait the full term of the project to get a taste of what is in the cooker.  However the full dimensions of the scheme will not fully be revealed until the conclusion, so stay tuned.


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