High Speed Rail Thru Avon Park, FL & America’s Economic Woes

High Speed Rail Thru Avon Park, FL & America’s Economic Woes  


Avon Park, FL a little known place located in South Central Florida, in Highlands County.  The population of Highlands County is about 100,000 as Avon Park population is about 9,000 and the population of Florida is about 19 million. Yet Highlands County is larger than New Orleans and is located on prime real estate.


The basic demographics of these areas concerning the black community is Highlands County is about 10% black or about 10,000 black people reside here and Avon park has about 3,000 of these black residents or 30% black who are counted by the censes.  Due to the fact that the Censes bureau does not count the homeless who are not in a shelter and there are no shelters here and they count people in jails and the jail is in County’s capital Sebring the numbers are much higher.  I believe Avon Park is probably 40% black with about 4,000 black people and almost half of the black population of Highlands County.


Of these approximately 3,000 to 4,000 black people the unemployment rate is ridiculously high in comparison.  The unemployment rate for non white males is about 2.9% and females are at about 3.6% whereby for black males it is over 10.1% and females are at about 7.2% and understand that these jobs are not living wages in most cases.  Therefore employment still does not mean self sufficiency.  Understand these numbers are based on the 3,000 counted and not the other 1,000 ghosts, which are hidden by the system through homelessness and the jail population.


The Highlands County jail houses about 400 to 500 people on any given day of these people most are people of black, poor and drug addicted and probably unemployed. What is going on in Avon Park, Fl is going on all over America.  Black men are symbolically castrated and often dependent on black women who are often the bread winners in the black community, while black men house the prison systems.


So why do I take such a small place to call on investment capital to remedy this situation?  The answer is simple, because of the size and location of this town and its jail house and employment disparities, the solution to these problems can act as a template for all America.  Simply put with a small piece of the Federal budget we can turn this place around and create a formula for the greater American Communities. 


And with the Florida High Speed Rail Plans connecting Tampa, Orlando and terminating in Miami Florida, with starting budget of $1.25B.  And the proposed plans sends the trains straight thru Highlands County, I ask how can President Obama overlook us in the investment equation?  Highland County must be included in the investment scheme with at a minimum a additional public transportation bus route or a connecting train route from Avon Park. FL to Sebring FL to a connecting High Speed Rail Location.


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  1. Central planning from the Federal Government will not help Avon Park. Take a visit there sometime and you will see that the problems of A.P. (and Sebring, the county seat) and Lake Placid stem not from a lack of governmental funding but from the same old “victim” mentality share by the majority of Americans regardless of race, creed, color, etc.

    We need to stop making race a focal point of our governmental policies and, instead, scale back these oppressive policies so that all Americans can slowly begin to thrive again and enjoy the benefits of their hard work instead of forking it all over to county, state and federal governments.

    I appreciate the good work you are trying to effect, but your basic beliefs and foundations are misguided and based on bad information (I would argue you have been misinformed) and faulty logic.

    Please, consider a Libertarian approach to your solutions. Doing so, however, will require that you not initiate force against another in order to effect your goals.

  2. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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