Gambino offers Gotti Assistance with the Stallone Movie

Gambino offers Gotti Assistance with the Stallone Movie


There is a screenplay that is coded sitting in the library of Congress, named “the Apostle” by Frank Paul Jones.  It contains government secrets about the life and times of John J. Gotti as only can be told by the real Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gambino.  People’s perception of John Gotti is that he was a powerful thug, whereby in reality he was tied into high level government covert operations.  And among that circle I am the only survivor who can tell the truth the whole truth and remain an untouchable.


John A. Gotti knew his father in a way I could never know him?  Perhaps!  But the truth about the mission carried out by me and my old friend is unparalleled to any Mafia story ever told.  The truth about John J. Gotti is science non fiction, covert operations and big corporate business.


We are talking about the AIDS virus, Hollywood and how they were developed.  The Gambino Family is the most powerful family on the face of the earth.  They or should I say we are not a crime family, but the true controllers of many big corporations such as Microsoft, the Hemsley Estate, Paramount Communications and the list goes on, to include Clear Channel Communications the mother of Live Nation the concert promoter.


It will all come together as the world’s economy will never recover until the rightful owners are place in their rightful positions.  The true mission of the Gambino Family was to fulfill the prophesy of the bible and it was by the design of the Grand Architect a child name Paul Castellano by Carlo Gambino himself.  For this reason he was reject by the masses but never denied by the Mob. John J. Gotti was the key to Paul Castellano; as Paul Castellano was under hypnosis since childhood and remains so.


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