The sociological impact of the Son

The sociological impact of the Son


The sociological impact is the hidden factor of society.  We believe the story as authored by mankind in the form of mass media.  We believe the authority given to the deceiver to deceive and hold not to the truth.  However the underlying facts influences the falsehoods delivered to mankind by the deceiver.


All to say the works of the unseen may have created the world in its confused state, only because he has not been duly recognized by the world in its chaotic state?  Is the power of due recognition the solution to the current world affairs?  How important is it to recognize he who has the power to unravel or decipher the flaws of society.  For is there truly a thing called unconditional love? 


Ex 20:5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me….


Do not bow down of worship them?  In today’s terms and the language used by people today, what is actually being said?  Do not kiss their ass or just believe anything they say, because they are not God?  To kiss someone’s ass is to go out of your way for their acceptance?  Therefore is God’s love conditional or is the condition of God’s love for one to search for the truth and stand firm in the truth, even in the absence of material gain as a result of this?


Now when we talk about the sociological impact, we are talking about the foundation of the development and structure of society and the behavior of people as individuals and groups.  The source we are told is the Grand Architect of the World and in modern terms the Grand Engineer of the Universe, who created the Operating System of Human Kind and all the species of his caretaking. 


I tell you that Godliness in its highest form is not about religion, but ultimately his mission is about behavioral modifications.  When mankind realizes that the only thing he has to fear is fear itself, because all the powers vested in him has failed to stop the movement of the Son of Man, he will once again recess in the recreation of his defective creation theory to oppress those outside of his immediate circle.  Can one person influence the whole world without the world knowing him? (Paul)


Question #1: If a person gains the attention of a few, but not the masses; that captivate the attention of the masses?  What is his influence on the mass population? (Paul)


Question #2: Assuming the goodwill of mankind in better judgment of all.  If it is easier to smile than it is to frown; is it not logical to assume it is easier to lift a man up than to hold him down?  (Paul)


Question #3: In the absence of fear; if fear is all we have to fear, what do we have to fear but our prejudice mindset? (Paul)


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