Gambino Receives Low Traffic Blow in Sebring

Gambino Receives Low Traffic Blow in Sebring


What should have been a simple traffic ticket turned into an 8 hour nightmare, in what turned out to be another black on black crime.  I allegedly improperly made a left turn in Sebring.  For legal reasons I will not elaborate on this and plan to pay the fine and take a class unless advised to do else wise by legal counsel. 


However a nightmare, it may have turned into a blessing in disguise.  I met with a brother who was also being held in the holding facility name Arnold Wilson.  And I also spoke to close friend in Highlands County, only to find out that there may not be true justice for the poor in this area.  I was held for about 8 hours and released on $500 bond for a DUI, when I was clearly under the legal limit of alcohol consumption at about .066.  The legal limit is .08.


 It was a night of celebration concerning a record deal and we were going to drop off a demo CD was the famous Mixx nightclub, with no intentions of partying any further.  Again I will not elaborate on this because I plan to plead non guilty against popular advise here in Highlands County.


Though I am certain I am no guilty I prepare myself to do jail time, because I was forewarned that the justice system here may not be just.  I was told they prosecute minor crimes with a vengeance.  It is called “wasting the courts time” to practice your right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So if I have to do six months for something I did not do, which was drive while over the legal alcohol consumption limit so be it.


The way I see it, I am not afraid of jail time and I believe I have God on my side and a higher authority than this small town judicial etiquette of mistreating the poor in court.  If I go to jail for this which am not guilty of I will wear it like a badge of honor and make it my duty and work to make sure these injustices end.


They say that the just cause for these charges was that I failed the sobriety test, which I did not fail, yet I was not tested for alcohol consumption on site of the incident.  Then when I was later tested I was below the legal limit and no blood work was done yet I am accused of using drugs, which is untrue.  This is an example of small town kangaroo injustice and poor policing.


Sometime this week I will get my police report and see the lawyer assigned to me as I cannot afford an attorney.  I will be forced to pay court costs though I am indigent, because in the state of Florida contrary to the US Supreme Court they force everyone to pay regardless of economic status.  I may be pushing my luck but right is right and I will pay for my wrong in the form of a ticket.  But I did not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they know it.  But they bully blacks and poor folks down here and they have to be stopped and may my case be an example and set precedence for future cases.



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    • Wish you all the best Brother. Just be careful to choose your battles wisely. specially in that part of the country. We can’t afford for you not to be seen or heard from again.

  2. Gambino Receives Low Traffic Blow in Sebring « Frank Paul Gambino…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Especially in that part of the country. (having trouble with the “E” key)

  4. do u have a twitter

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