David Noel of the SBDC Keeps Promise & Makes Another

David Noel of the SBDC Keeps Promise & Makes Another


David Noel of the Small Business Development Center visited the Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area, on Thursday 12 August 2010.  He said we should start the redevelopment of the area with the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.


The President of the NCNCHINC the Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones is working closely with the SBDC Certified Business Analyst David Noel to bring in as many property and business owners as possible.  David Noel thinks that the area is a good location and the people are kind, however there is a consensus that for the real money to enter into the area, the redevelopment area needs a better image.


Historically known as a business center of the black community of City of Avon Park; in recent years has became known as a drug infested area, and now is known as a ghost town.  The black community of Avon Park badly needs grants and loans to revitalize the area.  But the catch 22 is however, creating an attraction to new investment capital.


The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones believes that the community has to embrace change.  We cannot afford to continue to compete.  Historically preachers danced to the same beat and the best dancer got the largest congregation.  Everyone on Delaney Avenue ran a Lounge as all the money in the community went to the white folks for all the necessary services to sustain life.  Now for Delaney Avenue to proper, it is imperative that we diversify.  Everybody cannot sell beer anymore, especially with all the churches in the area, licenses to sell alcohol are very hard to get.


We are trying to bring together a coalition of property and business owners such as, Joe Hardy, Shawanda Adams, Bishop Brown, Robert Hilton, Sonny Austin and we are reaching out for more support.  As Marshall Johnson and John Moss are working closely with the Honorable Rev. Jones and people behind the scenes are trying to create a Network & Coalition we see light at the end of the tunnel.


However as David Noel put it, we have to crawl before we walk, let us open up that building referring to the Headquarters of the NCNCHINC.  Then in closing of the meeting on site he said, “Let me go see my old friend Brenda Gray.”




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