Redlining Still Practiced in Avon Park’s Southside

Redlining Still Practiced in Avon Park’s Southside


The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area still practices redlining; meaning that the costs to operate a business is higher and many services are denied in our neighborhoods.  However justified the (catch 22) dilemma is if we are suppressed in the economic playing field due to for example drug infestation and criminal activities, the oppression causing a depression in the community will halt any progression.


So they created and initiated the Community Reinvestment Act.  This housing and community development act of 1977 was designed to help communities such as ours, to even the playing field in redlining districts and communities.    So I ask; where is the money? 


The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area is a redlining district and this is not a hypothesis but a fact.  Let us look at the facts;


We are being profiled by the economic community.  We are told we have to clean up our neighborhood, yet we are not being giving any tools to do this.  Then again what is cleaning up our hood to necessitate, is it to change our culture?  Do we have to create a self inflicted curfew, when law enforcement turns a naked eye on activities of the dark in our neighborhoods?  The law is the law and should be enforced equally in all neighborhoods fairly.  We are often setup to be locked up due to unethical legal practices.


These are the chains we are still wearing.  No ATM Machines in our neighborhood.  In fact we cannot even use a food stamp card here in the Southside Community Redevelopment Area.  Due to city ordinance we cannot open a laundry mate to wash our damn clothes.  Forget about a bank or even a credit union; and our home addresses mean higher insurance rates.  The only business we are allowed to control is the street drugs market and if you get too big you have to go down in that game.  What’s the only solution?  The $0.5M Avon Park Southside Stimulus Package; Support it!  A stimulus plan has to be put in place to rectify the generations of injustices we had to endure in the economic playing field.




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