Gambino Moving in New Direction

Gambino Moving in New Direction


I might be under the RADAR for a few weeks, however do not be alarmed.  First of all, I want to thank and the many celebrities and other public figures for carrying my posts.  As you know I use WordPress to present my blogs to the World Wide Web.  It is all good and fine, but by using WordPress it is almost impossible to profit from my work.  As I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts I also have to eat as well, so I find it imperative to move into another direction.  So it will be possible to attract advertisement dollars, I may well have to purchase a web site.


I will probably close down most of my WordPress accounts, other than Frank Paul Gambino @ WordPress, but give it a .com extension.  Then of course I have to design the new web site after setting it up with a few articles out of my WordPress accounts.   I will probably write an article or two per week on WordPress, but my focus will be on my new web site.


If my new projects get half of the support I have received on WordPress it promises to be a huge success.


Other things on the plate, in this new direction taking place are that, we did a feasibility evaluation on our business plan.  We zeroed in on what we think will be doable and profitable in our pursuit to be helpful in the black community.  There are promising things that will come out of the NCNCHINC.  It is too soon to promote the ideas as our board has to come to a consensus.


So with the soon to be release of NaQuila album, the new Capstone Zulu project going into full swing, the organization structuring of NCNCHINC and business planning and the new web site and design, I have to slow down on the blogs, which I think is a wise decision because my future at WordPress may be limited to an article once or twice a week anyway.







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