New Affordable Housing in Avon Park & the Blackout

New Affordable Housing in Avon Park & the Blackout


Originally the pre-development loan program was estimated at about $7M for 40 units of affordable housing at Central Avenue and Winthrop and the name of the project is North Central Heights.  However from inside information I received there will be 76 units built at North Central Heights.


There will be 2 and 3 bedrooms of single family housing.  It is located over there by Bagwell’s Lumber.  The units are walking distance from Main Street.


The housing units are under the development team of Judd K. Roth and I am not clear on who are the contractors.  However, my concern is with who will be hired to build these units and who will be privileged to live in them.  Will there be another blackout?


I do not want to sound like I am anti Hispanic, but the Puerto Ricans all but took over Lakeside Community.  They are at the rent office, they are in the housing dwellings and they are the workers, and that is not fair, because they do not have the history of the building up of Avon Park, Florida.


Sure Mexicans pick the fruit today and Puerto Ricans, I do not know what they do, but who carried the burden of Avon Park for the last 100 years?  Now development is coming to town and we are left out.  I mean what happened to equal housing opportunity?


As a black economic rights activist I say we must have our fair share of this project.  We must be counting from the inception of this project, from employment in its construction to the rent office, to housing dwellings to year around jobs.  Black people must stand up now while the getting in is possible.  Because as Highlands County grows so will, the real estate prices will increase and with that homelessness for not standing up for equal housing now.  I mean what is the plan, to import more Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico, meanwhile we are here already and homeless.  It is not fair!


So what is the deal, we give black single parents with children homelessness, the black man prison and the Puerto Ricans affordable housing?  That is racist and not telling it like it is!


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