NCNCHINC First Fundraiser


If you would like to help us help others press hyperlink here:


I call on the many celebrities and ordinary philanthropists to help make our dream come alive.  We are in the process of attempting to get an equity line of credit to renovate our Headquarters Location here in Avon Park, Florida. 


I am very busy trying to develop NCNCHINC into a class (A) non profit order.  We have big plan in assisting in the development of Highlands County, FL where Avon Park is located.


Our first fundraiser is to build the Blue Temple Studios.  It will be a state of the art DAW meaning Digital Audio Workstation.  The acoustics in the building is good and we plan to put an isolation booth within it confines.


You are probably asking, why a recording studio?  How is this going to help the community?  The bottom line is a black owned recording studio is in demand down here.  We have a lot of untapped talent on the streets and in the churches and the profits from this enterprise will go to the order of the NCNCHINC.


Also, at our headquarters will build a social club, because my uncle Worshipful Master Roberts drilled into my mind the need for one and it is my duty to carry on his torch.  Even as I am not a Freemason I was choosing to finish out his work of community work.


We plan to use the second floor of our headquarters to hold conference meetings among other things. 


As we do not have 501 c 3 statuses yet, do financial constraints and the structure of our board of directors.  We ask that you do not get carried away in you charitable gifts, but please do give.





The Rev. Frank Paul Jones   


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