Stop Crack Legalize Weed

Stop Crack Legalize Weed


An appeal to America, we have stood in idle too long.  Crack cocaine is abomination   to the black community.  Let us look back to cause and effect like Mapp v. Ohio it was about Marijuana a cover up.  It resulted in New York Cry the big city looking the other way for the betterment of the community


Let us take into consideration the losses to the government; crack makes people blow their money too fast.  On weed they try to maintain long enough to think.  See crack steals their mind while weed makes them think. 


People who hustle drugs do not want to sell crack by preference, however marijuana dealers get busted as crack dealers run free.  It is a conspiracy against black people, to sedate us with lethal weapons.


We are good people, a peace loving community; we do not go into other people communities starting trouble.   We are a peace loving people. 


The Economy:


Assume I am smart and know 27 a joke, it will not support a working family.


The solution to the black community woes:


Bust the crack dealers and look the otter way of weed deals.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones


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