Jones Family claims ownership of Lincoln Garden Cemetery

Jones Family claims ownership of Lincoln Garden Cemetery


It is chaos in Avon Park, FL.  Brenda Grey the Deputy Mayor of Avon Park, in a hostel attempt to takeover landownership of what is billed as the historic Negros cemetery now called Lincoln Garden Cemetery, has family there and do not know where they are located.


But the question of ownership comes into play.  It is speculated that the burial grounds are privately owned by Eston Roberts by default.  Nobody tended to this place for over 20 years as Eston Roberts was the caretaker of the properties for over 20 years.  He was the overseer of all tax levies needed or not needed to sustain these properties and its upkeep.


Understand Eston Roberts was the caretakers of the Lincoln Garden Cemetery for over 20 years consecutive.  We are the heirs of the Roberts Estate and he owns the cemetery by default.  Therefore it rightfully belongs to the Jones Family of Avon Park, FL.


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