NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti to Reopen Rib Shack 2

NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti to Reopen Rib Shack 2


Formerly known as The Rib Shack the local soul food restaurant owned by the Hardy Family here in Avon Park, FL; is in the process of being reopened. The torch is being passed down to a daughter of the soul food tycoon.  Joe Hardy decides to pass on the torch of the hometown favorite soul food restaurant to his daughter NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti who by the way is about to release her first album distributed by ReverbNation with an outlet of several retailers to include iTunes, Napster and even Wal-Mart (liquid) plus others such as Zune, Rhapsody and many more.  Currently, the album is available for presales at the Stackz Gotti store on ReverbNation.  One of her stores is located on the Capstone Zulu Website.


NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti has recently been included into the Zimbio Interactive Magazine, where you find the celebrities latest news and issues.  She is among names such as Frank Paul Jones, John A Gotti, Victoria Gotti, Oprah, Ice T, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton.  Congratulations to Stackz Gotti’s newly developed celebrity statuses.


Due to a disability the Rib Shack a family business closed down temporarily and most things are still intact.  The old business was a big success as it was known for its excellent Barbeque Sauce which is a family recipe and tightly held secret.  The name Rib Shack will be used as the trade secrets will be shared and passed down to NaQuila.  However NaQuila has an additional plan that was considered in the past but not commenced into action, such as the possibility of putting the famous BBQ sauce on the local store shelves?    However for starts it might only be available at the Rib Shack 2 Restaurant in limited quantity.


A community resident approached NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti and asked her, “When are you’ll going to open up the restaurant again we sure miss that good eating.”  Then said “and girl that Barbeque Sauce why you’ll don’t put it in a jar?”  The word is that Joe Hardy has the recipe stashed away in a safe place and is ready to put the “Original Rib Shack BBQ Sauce,” on the market.  With the expansion of the famous Western Beef Supermarket headed south a Gambino enterprise, being added to the shelves of Western Beef would be an excellent partnership.


Frank Paul Gambino reporting: 






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