J.D. Alexander says, African Americans Won’t Work

J.D. Alexander says, African Americans Won’t Work


Florida State Senator J.D. Alexander (R-Lake Wales) out of Polk County is a corrupt politician.  He is a citrus grower who is racist; though he is in public office it is obvious his family business is his real agenda.  Alico INC., a company his grandfather, the late Ben Hill Griffin Jr., nurtured from a local business to a conglomerate of citrus, cattle and land management operations. They include Blue Head Ranch, Blue Head Cattle and Atlantic Blue Development and Atlantic Blue.

These are his own words concerning fruit pickers and you will, please read between the lines, “You can’t get anybody to come do this stuff, folks. And it’s the same thing, whether it’s construction, or whether it’s hotels. Americans don’t want to do it,” If read between the lines, it is obvious he is saying black folks do not want to work, in his bid to use illegal Mexicans to pick his fruit for cheaper labor and zero benefits.  When the truth of the matter is that in this case, he fired American Citizens that he had a contract to systematically to replace them with Illegal Mexicans Aliens for housing and under the table pay.


A J.D. Alexander controlled company Blue Head Farms LLC has been sued by two farmers, however there a case not being heard yet that includes about 100 people.  Colin Abbott, an attorney for the Florida Rural Legal Services, representing about 100 mostly black citizens and some green card holders claimed to also be fired and replaced by guest workers (illegal aliens).  They had a contract that wasn’t honored.  It is not a class action lawsuit as each man can settle on his own terms; however the lawyer is seeking about a total of $3.7 Million in damages and fines. 


In fact after two years the case has not even been filled, as they feel they have a strong case and should be able to settle out of court.  I think the case should be filed; it is not about the money anymore it is about illegal business practices that need a national platform.  It is about the many hard working black folks who want to work for a far wage and benefits, which are being outsourced by illegal means and it is bad on the economy.


The problem in the state of Florida is the right to work laws that gives employees no rights or benefits, meaning very few living wage jobs.  These politicians down here are not for the people, but are out to line their own pockets.


A common term used in politics is special interest groups, here in Florida the politicians are the special interest groups.  For example Sen. J.D. Alexander is one of the largest employees of illegal aliens in the state of Florida. He is on 9 committees, yet never introduced or co-sponsored any legislation.  He has a net worth of about $10M.  He is in a position of power he does not deserve and should be investigated by the FBI for corruption. 


Senator JD Alexander and the Florida Senate statistic




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