Paul was Bamboozled into Killing Many

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Paul was Bamboozled into Killing Many


I have to confess to a few things, due to my change of heart and reasoning.  First of all, I realize I was bamboozled.  I still do not totally understand why. I believe deep in my heart I was put under hypnosis by John J. Gotti. I was made to believe I was the son of Carlo Gambino, which I now doubt.  I was given the name Paul Castellano by the Gambino Crime family and I ran with it.


Janet Jackson played an intricate roll in the puzzling plot, to use my talents and gifts for the wrong reasons.  I believe I was born with an extraordinary gift.  Things I still remember about my childhood, about myself tells me this.  For one I had a photographic memory.  I could see things like a car passing by and not remember the license plate number but could close my eyes and see it.  As a kid I could move objects on the kitchen table without touching them.  Under hypnosis I was able to talk in several languages.  I remember friends telling me I had a conversation with foreigners in their tongue.  I remember these things.


I remember playing the bass guitar on the Jackson’s Destiny album and they could not duplicate what I did on tour.  I remember meeting with Janet Jackson on 5 July1989 at the RiverPark in Long IslandCity, Queens New York.  I was told she was my wife and came to get me.  I was afraid for some reason, anyway they did not send me with her, but instead she did her Rhythm Nation 1814 album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and I was sent back to a homeless shelter, called BAVR for Borden Avenue Veterans Shelter.  I was told that half of that estate was mines, for the work I had done.  I believed it and thought it would be honored by the Jackson Family.


I went to California after going to WashingtonD.C., where I was arrested for threatening then President George H.W. Bush.  They took me into the White House and interviewed me, they told me President Bush was listening in.  I told them what John  J. Gotti instructed me to tell them, which was he had to do 10 years in prison, because kids had to know that crime doesn’t pay.  I told them that, but I revealed a secret to them, that I learned when I met Jesse Jackson in Germany.  I am going to reveal this now, because I kept this a secret long enough and furthermore as I thought of him as a friend he tried to have me killed.  I told them that Jesse Jackson killed Martin Luther King as point blank range and that was why he covered himself in his blood to cover it up.  But they already knew this, they was in on it.


When I was in Germany and meet with Jesse Jackson, I was afraid he was going to hurt me, because I was raped in Germany.  He was in a red robe when I entered his hotel room and he thought I was a homo, but I was raped because of John J. Gotti, to make me hate the Army and get out.  Jesse Jackson looked afraid as he looked over my shoulders and told me not to look back (behind me), but I look anyway and I saw my Lieutenant Colonel  and Command Sergeant Major behind me, but I said it was John J. Gotti and my father Frank C. Jones, one black and one white, but it was them.  Jesse Jackson did not know I knew he tried to turn me in to the soldiers, just as he assassinated Martin Luther King, so that he could be the head nigger in charge.


My folly was that I really thought I was the son of Carlo Gambino and was not just being used, because I had a talent or gift beyond the high performing  person.  I do not think John  J. Gotti is dead unless he died recently.  They faked his death, to allow him to get out of prison.  About a month or two before he allegedly died, I gave him power of attorney over all of my affairs, making my uncle the successor agent, because I knew they would have killed him had I did it the other way around.  My second error was I trusted another man in John  J. Gotti, whereby only a fool will puts his trust in another man.


Now about Michael Jackson, I did not think he died, I thought they faked his death also, so he could get out of the scene and no pay me.  So I was very insensitive and talked badly about him.  I called him a junkie rightly so, but I was insensitive towards his family who did play me like a chump.


Now I realize I throw my life away over a pipe dream.  I mean Janet was not worth all I was put through.  I took a fall with the Feds and went to prison to protect her, killed countless people for the sake of my love for her and stayed poor all of my life for the sake of them and the Gambino Crime family.  Because of my foolish belief in my being Carlo Gambino’s son, nobody believed anything I said.


I screwed up my life for nothing. I screwed up my life for a world I care less about.  My life cannot be returned to me, I forfeited it.  I will probably get another chance to do my thing, but it will not change the past.  Sure DNA technology will probably extend lives, beyond our wildest dreams, but nothing will change what I went through all these years.  It is like I am living for revenge.  My story is really a sad story, of how the illusion of love fooled me into destroying millions of lives.  I killed many in the name of love and that is insane.  Can I ever forgive myself?  I do not know for sure.  Will the world ever forgive me?  Probably not!  But that really doesn’t matter anymore.




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