Be Groomed in Humility

Paul in limo
Be Groomed in Humility

The common denominator that leads most sane people to thrive for an objective is happiness. However, not all people seek happiness, some people actually seek misery, but that is senseless in my humble opinion. The lack of good judgment is prominent in black society, because often our young blacks are not molded properly. Because they were not habilitated they cannot be rehabilitated. Because you cannot rehabilitate or restore that which was not properly built up to function in a fast moving and competitive society. For this reason too many blacks are left behind in the race to accumulate goods and services that money properly used can produce.

But we are told that the love of money is to root of all kind of evil. Yet in American society often happiness is based on the amassing of material possessions. For this reason often people find love in evil doings. Because if you love money and have not been properly habilitated, without the resource of intelligence, you are forced to take risks that are often illegal and unsophisticated. Therefore one takes a primitive road in a high tech game of live, only to find prisons and/or death. This is true for some who I consider the minority of criminals. Because the fact of the matter is that most crimes that leads to long term prison sentences are not about money, which is even more senseless. They are crimes of excitement and passion.

Take murder! People often murder others out of emotions or because they were insulted. People often kill others out of the lack for concern for human life and their foolish reputation. Or to not get caught in their wrong doings such as burglaries. Very few murderers are done by professional hit men for hire. People who commit murder and get caught often realizes their mistake in judgment when it is too late and wish they had not killed senselessly. So society punishes them by making animals out of them in the prison system, because they are judged to have not been habilitated and therefore cannot be rehabilitated.

Is there a solution? Sure! But most people like water will choose the easier path, which often has tougher consequences. For example, you can tell a young thug, “Stop selling weed and work on getting your GED.” But it seems easier to him to sell dimes and collect money every 10 minutes doing nothing but listening to rap music, while drinking and smoking marijuana all day. Because concentrated thinking to an untrained mind is a difficult task. But to a trained mind it is a joy.

I honestly think some drugs in moderation can relax a person, but drug abuse creates a lazy person and often effects good judgment. Drug abuse can turn an ordinarily passive person into a destructive animal. And for most blacks engaged in drug abuse, it causes them to be left behind and never able to catch up, I know this from experience. And there is nothing more dangerous than an ignorant person who becomes desperate. Drug abuse is more expensive than many know. Drug abuse can cost a person their life. Because the introduction of drugs to our youth, deters habilitation or the proper molding process. But it is necessary in the drug trade, though the profits are not immediate in the long run it creates life long slaves to the drug trade called drug addicts.

To tell you the truth senselessness is vicious cycle that is ever evolving. Take dancing, lascivious dances change, yet they remain acts of lust. Today it is booty shaken, yesterday is was strip teasing, but it is all the same aim called lust provocation. Yesterday it was acid and today it is ecstasy, yesterday it was a joint and today it is a blunt, yesterday it was a drink and today it is a drunk, senselessness is vicious cycle that is ever evolving. Because as soon as you think you have it figured out, they come with a new angle to repress the individual. Because change is the most consistent thing in nature.

I said this all to what conclusion? One must look within themselves for their answer to life’s minefields. As I learned kind of late in the game, you can only save yourself in this cruel world. The greatest savior of all times had to die trying to save blind fools, so what is the odds of yours as a savior? You cannot save the world, but you might be able to save yourself and sometimes this may mean grouping with likeminded individuals.

Many of us have fallen behind and may never meet our original expectations. We may never be what we once was inspired to be and may well have to accept falling short, which is a higher hurdle than never getting up or not jumping at all. Though we may not live out the original dream, we can still live out our dream based on reality. I tell you for some reality is hard to accept, but acceptance is the key to any success.

I tell you that happiness is not senseless, but it is a gift from God. Basing happiness on material things can be folly, if they are unattainable. One can waste away chasing the winds of success, if success is measured by what you accumulated, knowing upon death you cannot take it with you anyway. Knowing amassing these things create problems of accountability. Knowing the attempt at these things surrounds you with people who are greedy and wanting your company only for their evil ends. So I tell you, even if you do not want to hear this, but for some learning to be humble is the path to glory. Matthew 5:5 The meek will inherit the earth.

The Apostle Paul


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