Is Man’s True God The Government

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Is Man’s True God The Government


I am a man and I do not think I am unique, though I once did.  For example, I always wanted to be rich in the absence of my own financial capital.  Meaning I wanted a lot of money when I had very little of it.  I thought wanting to be rich was unique, but it is not, most people without money wants a lot of it for some reason.  We tend to think abundant finances will solve our problems in our dysfunctional reality.  But now I realize wanting a lot of money is not unique, it is having it that makes you unique.

So I pondered!  I thought about the ability to forgive.  Again I realize I am not unique and I hold grudges for a long time.  When someone does me wrong, even if I find it in my heart to tolerate their co-existence, meaning I do not attempt to kill them, but accept they have the right to live, even as they wronged me, I do not seem to ever forgive a person, until they die.  But people say they do forgive people, but being I realize I am not unique, I find it hard to believe them.  Because when someone wrong me they create a wound in my psyche and if I forgave them as people claim they can do so, then the wound would be completely healed.   Sure I find it in my heart to tolerate them, but if they do me wrong again, if is not like the first time they did it, in my mind they are repeat offenders, so how can I say I forgave them and not forget?

So I pondered!  I thought about my ability to trust.  And again I realize I am not unique and is full of distrust for others.  It is said that one should put their trust in God and never trust another man.  It is said, only a fool will trust another man.  So my distrust in humans is validated.  But I ask, do I trust God.  So I asked myself, to trust God, one must acknowledge his existence.  So I became puzzled, because how can you trust something you do not fully believe existence.   And I believe I am not unique as a man on earth in America.  I am like most people to some degree.  It is said, that a wise man will put his trust in God and only a fool does not believe in his existence.

So I pondered!  I asked myself am I a fool?  Because a man answers to who he believes in.  And I am convinced that I am not unique as a man on earth and in America.  So I asked myself, who do I answer to.  I joined the United States Army three times and I answered to the government.  I rationalized my wrongdoings  against whole nations by saying I was young and followed orders.  But God did not tell me to poison man with diseases or to kill my so-called enemies, who were not my enemies in reality, but were enemies of the state I served.  But I made them my enemies and justified my killing them, because I was of service to country.

Then I came to a conclusion. I do not believe in God, but I believe in country, because I served and continue to serve country and not God and I realized without hesitation I am not unique.  See I understand the fact that people serve the government in America and only the unique few actually serve God.  We do what the law of the land decides we should do.  We follow the law of the land and not the law of God.  And therefore, we fear man and not God.  When we do wrong we fear being caught by man and the law of the land and not God, for God knows when we do wrong if we believe he exist and therefore we would not do wrong intentionally if we feared God, but we sin against God every day on purpose.  And even those who claim to be saved by God are not, but are the biggest liars on earth in America.  For they committed blasphemy for telling such a lie.  Because I am not unique I know the hearts of man, who may have been created in the image of God, but was made in the image of the evil one (Satan) and mankind cannot help himself in the flesh.

So now I ask you, how can you serve both God and country?  For is not who you serve your God.  How can you claim citizenship in America and pledge to its allegiance, but serve a heavenly God?  So I realize I am guilty for serving America over the heavenly God. But I realize I am not unique, but the only difference between me and the other fools, is that I know I am a fool, who made a conscious choice.  But a fool is a fool, be if he is blind or aware of his transgressions.  But awareness again gives us a choice to change!

The Apostle Paul


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