George Zimmerman was a Crack head

Zimmerman Weight Gain

George Zimmerman was a Crack head

Trayvon Martin was just a young kid and most kids now use racial slurs in their common day language.  It is something I do not agree with, but even members of my family in their youth use terms like “cracker” and “nigger” in their everyday speech.  This is due to the lack of education within the black community today.  The problem with our schools is another issue.  But this is what they are creating as an excuse to kill off our children in  the streets like dogs.  To say that kid brought race into the picture and not the other way around is folly. It is obvious that he was racially profiled from the beginning of this incident by George Zimmerman.


What bothers me about this case is that it seems like his weight gain in such short notice, is being overlook as a symptom of stress and not a symptom of addiction.  I always thought his behavior was suspicious to begin with.  It seemed as if he was paranoid from the beginning.  And it is sad that the prosecutor is not looking into this suspicious weight gain.  We need to look into George Zimmerman’s medical records, to find out about the weight gain of about 100 pounds in less than a year.  It sounds like he put down the crack pipe to be honest and this would explain everything that transpired.  It would explain the whole thing as to why he was so paranoid and killed that boy, profiling and stalking that young boy, like he was some type of savage beast to be captured.


Furthermore, I have to wonder why the prosecution charged him with only second degree murder, with the understanding of the self defense laws in Florida. Why hasn’t he also been charged with manslaughter, which would not require the same burden of proof.  I think they are trying to let him loose.  I think everybody involved is full of it and what will come as a result of this is a huge racial riot, whereby black people will be depicted as common animals.  This is a setup.   Because even if it was not second degree murder in the eyes of the jury, being it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  It is easily understood that he went too far by killing that boy.  George Zimmerman was crack head and killed that boy out of paranoia.  I really believe this.  Either he was a crack head tripping or he was a coward with the gun.


The Apostle Paul


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