The NCNCHINC Must Have a Strong Foundation

Paul in Avon Park, FL

The NCNCHINC Must Have a Strong Foundation


By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones – President and Chairman of the Board


This is an open letter, however, it is targeted towards the directors, officer, senior staff members and people inspiring to simply become members of own charitable and educational organization the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC, to be referred to as the NCNCHINC in this letter and other correspondence.


Charity is love and charity must begin within.  To teach charity to a community,  is to teach a community of people how to love as a community.  The foundation of our organization is its bylaws and our bylaws are focused on the purpose of our existence.  If you want to know our purpose in full, check out our website currently under construction and check back on it for updates as well, at


In short, the duty (mission) of the NCNCHINC is “building a better community,” and that is the bottom line.  The NCNCHINC must have a strong foundation and there is no stronger foundation than love for our neighbors and neighborhoods.  Because through charity the building blocks come as you would expect.  But charity begins at home (within).  One cannot honestly take on the challenge of charity towards community, but have no love for his fellow man.  If you see a man carrying his cross, you should not stand there and watch for him to he falls or fails, but know that God will not allow him to carry it any further than he can.  But understand that God works through Man and therefore as a charitable and educational organization we are actually God’s workmen.  We are craftsman of God and it is our duty to help our fellow man within our boundaries or purpose.


Now understand your body is God’s temple and if you destroy God’s temple he will destroy you.  Our organization is a fellowship of men and women, therefore we are a fellowship on man.  And as we congregate as a body, we have our meeting place where we congregate to plan our mission or duty to mankind and community.  The BlueBuilding (our headquarters building) is symbolically but not laterally a temple of our organization.  Certainly a physical building is not the temple of God’s workmen, but is the place we meet and it is a body in a symbolic sense or our organization.  And if we destroy our meeting place, we will be come vagabonds in the world on non profit.  If we do not take care of our blessings received, they will cease to come our way.  So where am I going with this?


Members of the NCNCHINC, must take ownership of our the social order, but especially our board of directors, officers and senior staff member, who have a higher authority, should also take on greater responsibilities.  With more power comes more responsibilities.  Now understand we have not recruited a general membership, for the simple reason that we have not put our house in order yet.  You do not call on your flock to misguide them, first you must have a guided direction before you lead others, or you may well seem like a chicken with his head cut off.  And our guiding symbol of hope is our purpose to exist.


Charity begins at the home and along with your fellowman.  How can you watch me struggle month after month to pay the bills that allow us to have a meeting place and not left a hand, but call yourselves charitable in your causes?  I understand that a man has money for what he wants to spend it on.  But ladies and gentlemen, how can you watch me and my sister pay all the bills to allow us to exist as an order, whose causes are charity and you are the foundation of our flock?  Brothers and sisters, you must find it in your hearts to give to this organization, which you were called on to develop.  But not in just money, which is included, but in your time as well.  One hour of your time once a week will not meet your requirements.   For this to work you must give up some money and I did not ask for much, knowing you all are not exactly wealthy, but you have to find it in your hearts to give up something and not simply wait and watch to see me fall or fail.  And time is of the fundamental nature, of making this all work.


We are pending our 501 c 3 statuses and it is obvious that our application needs work by the IRS or we would have it already, because it has been eight months and counting.  But that too was a blessing, because we do not have our house in order and if money came to us in abundance, we are not yet fit to handle it.  God works in mysterious ways!  But when we get our charitable statuses with the Federal Government, will we be fit to handle that power given to us?


I learned from being in the U.S. Army three times that you must train for the real thing.  We must begin to write and plan our proposed programs we want to sponsor and operate, we must learn about grant writing before we attempt to solicit a grant of any magnitude.  I understand your cries to be seen helping people, but I want to make an impact and not simply be dressing on a salad.  I do not simply want to be perceived at doing  things, but actually make a difference in my activates and you should want the same thing.  We have bylaws, we have a purpose, mission and vision, but we have no plans to initiate the actions to bring them into existence and that should be our focus.  We should focus on preparation and planning to bring forth positive results.  Sure I want to help people as well, but first we must help ourselves and true dedication comes from within, by helping build this house so that it can stand.


So we have three allegorical tools all called the body or temple.  We have ourselves in spirit, we have our bylaws or constitution and we have our headquarters building or symbolic temple.  These things are the body of our organization and we must take care of them all, by giving our minds collectively in our thoughts as a union, our time and this means more than one hour per week at a meeting and our money, so that our society can function, because it takes money to live and that is the bottom line.  Our organization must live.  And anything short of this is not a full commitment to our causes of charity and educating the public not just in words but by our actions towards our fellowman.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones





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