Zimmerman Walks Because White have Rights to Kill Blacks

Zimmerman Trial Enters Jury Deliberation Phase
Zimmerman Walks Because White have Rights to Kill Blacks

The bottom line is George Zimmerman had a very good lawyer. Think about the dream team with O.J. Simpson, people believed he was guilty but he also walked, but they got him later on something else. On top of good representation, George Zimmerman’s case was high profile and it seems like when the news gets involved, people tend to walk. Remember Casey Anthony and how she walked after her child Caylee Anthony dies mysteriously and Judy Arias probably slaughtered Travis Alexandra in cold blood and they couldn’t even gain a conviction against her.

The Florida laws like all laws around the country are designed to give rich people loopholes, a way out after committing crimes and to incarcerate the poor. That is why the prisons are filled with poor black people, not because we commit all the crimes, but because we have poor representation in the court system. For example the burden of proof in the case with George Zimmerman, came down to what Mr. Zimmerman was thinking when he kill Trayvon Martian. So to convict him you needed a mind reader, but even with a mind reader being admissible in court, which will never happen, Zimmerman wasn’t required to take the stand to cross examine his story.

Below are the laws in the Florida Statue that applied in this case:

776.013. Home protection; use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm.

The flaw in such a law, is that the burden of proof in on the prosecution and the prosecutor does not have the right to cross examine the person claiming they killed in self defense. I do not know if it is possible in our judicial system, but it seems to me that if a person claims to have killed in self defense and to prove else wise to convict them, the prosecutor has to know what they were thinking in the process of killing; the law should state that in such cases, the prosecutor has the right to cross examine the person claiming they killed in self defense. I think in such a case, the alleged victim, being the killer should by law be required to take the stand in their defense. Why? Because their story needs to be crossed examined to determine if it is factual. But we are consider innocent until proven guilty. But still this could be done with the presumption of innocence.

As things stand, people with money as in the case of George Zimmerman, who received all kinds of donations to defend him for killing a black child, he even got free legal defense from a black aspirating law student, trying to win points by whites and make a name for herself, for her future career. Wealthy white people have the right and I say right not privilege to kill poor black people, if there are no witnesses at the crime scene. Because they are innocent until proven else wise and the law is based on what they were thinking at the time of the killing. And we all know the stereotypes, whites place on blacks and this is not racism on my part it is factual. It is alright to assume if you are black with the hood on, even if you are in your own community or dwelling place, it is alright to consider you as a potential criminal. This case is proof of that!

But when white crack heads come to our neighborhoods and I see them everyday, obviously to commit a crimes, be it to purchase drugs, steal from people or prostitute, we cannot have someone on crime watch, roll up on them with a gun, follow behind them and shoot them in self defense, for that we will get life in prison if we are lucky to not get the death sentence. Why because we will face the prosecutor with a public defender, who sees us as guilty before proven else wise. The scale of justice is tilted. Because no poor black man is going to get millions in donations to defend themselves after killing a white child. This is not the race card it is factual.

The George Zimmerman case was a travesty of justice, Trayvon Martin’s death was a welcoming mate to kill more black children on our streets by legal fire arms owners with permits to carry concealed guns. The only justice blacks have is street justice, which is no justice at all, because it will only lead to an individual demise, which is a sacrifice. What did George Zimmerman lose? They will send him more money to eat, saying he has altered his life as a result of this crime. The same people who donate money for his defense will send him money to live. But Trayvon Martin is dead forever.

The Apostle Paul


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