The Southside Redevelopment Area Must Overcome Red Lining


The Southside Redevelopment Area Must Overcome Red Lining

By: Frank Paul Jones – President of the NCNCHINC

Our Problems Associated with Red Lining:


The Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park, FL., is a Red Lining District.  Because of this the businesses do not have credit lines and find it hard to conduct business on a daily basis; people who live here find it hard to get health insurance, they find it hard to find jobs, there are no supermarkets in our area or grocery store for that matter, the police department profiles the resident’s, illiteracy is too high and the area is drug and crime infested.


The Southside Redevelopment Area initiative must address the problems with red lining.  The basis and the core of a red lining district is racism and what permits it to perpetuate within our community is the mindset of the community.  We are victimized by repression and the result is the community is in a oppressed state of being.  We are being suffocated by poverty and as the economy improves throughout the United   States of America, nothing ever changes here in the SRA, we remain in a depressed economic situation.


This is a tough challenge, because we cannot attract business from the outside of our community, because people are afraid to come into our community to spend their money, unless it is for drugs or something unlawful.  And we cannot sustain our economy from within, because of the high jobless rates and poverty coupled with to a high rate of illiteracy.  To some degree, our high rate of unemployment is as a result of unemployability.  This makes us a disabled community of people in reality.  And, therefore to turn this around, we need to be rehabilitated, but how do you rehabilitate that which was not habilitated?   How can you fix that which was never right to start with?


What must happen calls for a major change in community.  To do this we must first address the mindset of the people.  We must address the thinking process, which results in negative actions among us.  Because to a high degree, what we doing is self inflicted.  What we are doing to ourselves is as a result of centuries of brainwashing processes.  It is a fact that the actions of parents can inflict damages to four generations after.  And consistent folly can cause this to multiply.  Whereby generations after generations perpetually perishes.   And the result is a community in a dead state of being.


The Solution to Red Lining:


There is an answer to this equation, which is love and understand that love and charity are synonyms, they are basically the same thing.  We normally equate charity with giving something to someone or a community of people.  Therefore understand that love is an action word and not so much of a feeling.  People often tend to believe that they  feel love or is in-love with someone, but love is an act, it is something you do.  Feelings change overtime, but what you did becomes what you have done.


Hollywood misguides many people by associating love and sex as synonyms, they say that people make love, when the origin for the act of sex is most often lust or a sexual desire.  Most people that have sex with each other do so out of lust and not love.  For this reason, we have so many dysfunctional relationship in America, because the origin of our relations is not about giving something selflessly.  People tend to get into sexual relations with a quid pro quo attitude, such as sexual gratification and even more often financial reasons.  How many times have you heard people say their partners were good in bed so they came back for more or they are good providers and for that reason they had sex with their partner, on a regular basis and stayed in the relationship?  And how little do you hear people say, I had sex with my partner, because I wanted to selflessly give to them?  This is because the relations are not built on love.  Because love is not selfish.


We must develop stronger bonds in our communities based on the foundation of true love, which is not quid pro quo necessarily, but a selfless act.  If we learn to open our hands within our communities, with the act of giving selflessly in charity, by truly being charitable to our neighbors our good deeds may well be returned ten fold, with is the opposite of the perishing of four generations.  But for ten generation we may prosper.  We must transform from a worm to a butterfly.


The SRA is a prime example of a dysfunctional relationship between neighbors.  There is distrust among neighbors, though we all have nothing we compete like crabs to keep each other down. Our relations claimed to be by the origin of love almost always ends, with negative consequences.  Because we associated love with possession.  We tend to think we have ownership in our relations whereby we have not even authority over our own lives.  How can a slave of passion own someone else?  We fight among ourselves over misinformed needs for respect, mistaken respect for fear.  Therefore we set ourselves up to be destroyed, because a victim destroys what he fears, this is the law of nature, with is embedded in self preservation.  Therefore we are self destructive society of people, due to never ended folly.  Not understanding the logic of not being jealous of our fellow man, being he has nothing like us.


We are a people who believe in self medication.  We sedate ourselves to not deal with the reality we are in.  And, we believe it is alright to sell drugs to our neighbors, we look up to the community drug dealer as a person enterprising within the neighborhood.  We are in perpetual depression, because of our mindsets of selfish ends.  Instead of giving to our neighbor we are always out to take from someone who has nothing like ourselves.  These are the byproducts of red lining, which is something inflicted on us by others, but it is up to us to make a change in what seems to be innate.  But it is not innate, it is something inflicted on us that we perpetually retransmit against ourselves.  We carryout the injustices that others have planted within our community.  Just because a seed is planted, does not mean it has to be harvest.  We tend to harvest injustices within our own communities and this is going on in the SRA.  And believe me there are many SRA communities in America and therefore this is actually a nationwide issue being addressed.  We as a nation of people must wakeup and learn how to truly love our neighbors.


Though in traditional terms we are full of illiteracy, we must understand the nature of our state of not being uneducated.   Because though in traditional terms we are full of illiteracy in our community, which disallows us to integrate in to the mainstream of society, to become gainfully employed on the outside, we are a people of skills.  But we tend to keep our skills to ourselves.  But the key to overcoming depression is the barter system.  The SRA must learn how to barter or exchange good and services for goods and services from others.  When the United States as a whole was in a depression, the nation bartered its way out of it.  These are acts of charity for charity in return.  Though we do not have much money, we have the same amount of time as the rich folks and those with credit lines.  The depressed state we are in is as a result of not properly using our time.


See we tend to waste our days away sedating ourselves, playing video games, watching television all day for entertainment or simply doing nothing at all.  Our depressed state is a result of inactivity.  We have nothing because as a community of people we do nothing with our time that is productive.  We are constantly playing out dramas that leads to nothing but death and violence.  We call this demanding respect, when in reality what we request is fear.  It was the fear of us that got Trayvon Martin killed and was the defense that allows George Zimmerman to go free after killing our child. In this world whereby just about everyone has a gun, being feared is a detriment to our survival.  Because a person who fears you will kill you or destroy you.  Yet as unorganized as we are, we all tend to think we are Mafia Dom’s and we are not even pawns on the board of life.


If we learn to give to our neighbors selflessly, we can build an economy that will be self sustaining and autonomous.   We could finance our own banks if we were not so selfish.  But we tend to want to steal from our neighbors in need, by taxing them with enormous interest rates.  When the streets loan money it is fifty cents on a dollar if you are lucky and that is due by the end of the month.  This is why we have no credit within, but that same person will put their money in the bank at almost a zero interest rate.  Because we trust in the same people who do not have trust in us.  We give our money to the same banks they practice red lining on our community.  And we do so voicelessly.  We allow these practices with our money.  Because we do not love our neighbor, we hate them because we actually hate ourselves.  We hate ourselves out of ignorance.  We think our disposition in innate and God given, when in fact it is a conspiracy to maintain as insignificant in the world’s economy.


We tend to make rich those who do not care about us.  We give our money to unworthy selfish fools.  We give our money to our favorite rapper, sports figure, singer and dancer.  People who are in a make believe arena.  People who play pretend with the money we pool to them.  When we should be assisting charities that are out to support an agenda to better our communities as a whole.  With all the black multi millionaires in America, why are there still so much red lining within black communities?     The reason is because we are so  busy sedating ourselves and believe it is normal behavior, we condone drug dealers and chaotic dramas, false pride called street respect, stealing from our brothers, killing our neighbors and for this reason, we pool our resources for blind people like ourselves to lead the blind.  We praise people who boast  about how much money they make to do nothing constructive for us as a people. Our state of depression is self inflicted, they simply planted the seeds, but we constantly harvest them.  This must change within.


We must learn to pool our resources in a constructive manner.  We must learn to barter with our neighbors and love our sisters and brothers and not base our relations on lust, but on selfless given.  This is all I have to say on this subject at this time.  Love and charity are synonyms, learn to love by giving selflessly.


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC



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