The NCNCHINC President Supports Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida

Medical Marijuana

The NCNCHINC President Supports Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida

There is a push in the State of Florida, to make marijuana legal for medical use.  The Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, gave final approval to begin signature gatherings, on a proposed marijuana legalization constitutional amendment in the State of Florida.  700,000 signatures by registered voters are needed, to place this proposal on the 2014 ballot and to pass it requires 60% of the voters to approve this measure.  We have until 1 February 2014, to complete this petition.

John Morgan a famous personal injury lawyer is bankrolling United for Care, in a campaign estimated to cost about $3 Million, at this time they have over $200,000, but they still need much money and plenty of help by volunteers.

Volunteers may join in the fight, to end prohibition in Florida by  signing up on their website and  the petition for registers voter is also online.

I have been a long time proponent for the legalization of marijuana.  I argued for this for many years and for many good reasons.  In 2011, I wrote a strong argument for passing of Federal Law in HR 2306 aka The Frank Paul Bill., which is still in the Congress.  The Florida law would fall short of this, but it would be a huge step in the right direction, for equal justice under the law. Because the bottom line is that it will help many people with illnesses that it is proven to help with and would be a beginning of overturning prohibition in Florida all together.  Too many people are going to prison (over 1.1 million) because of these oppressive laws.

Within the Hip Hop community, we must create a movement and drive to register new voters as soon as possible.  Many of our youth without felony convictions are still absent and unable to vote.  We must not only attempt to gain signatures from already registered voters, but we must register new voters, to win at the ballot box in November 2014.

I think this is a wonderful thing, because it gives many young adults who are disenfranchised by their own doings an opportunity to get up and register to vote, because this is a Hip Hop issue as well.  This can be a new beginning in Florida politics, which is a conservative State.  This may empower the vote to advocate changes in other relevant issues such as newly passed health care reform act, that Florida seems to have opted out of, when it comes to extending Medicaid , to over 25% of the Florida population, who is without health coverage.  Whereby the Federal government will be footing 100% of the cost initially and Florida tax payers will pay into it regardless, if Florida chooses to opted out of providing care to the ones who cannot afford it.  So pay attention and get ready to get active and register to vote, sign the petition by 1 February 2014 and cast your ballot in November 2014 and make a change.

Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the Board

National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC


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