Federal Marijuana Bill HR 2306 and Florida State of Florida Medical Marijuana Petition

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To: The Citizens, Churches and Non Profit Organizations in the State of Florida

From: Frank Paul Jones – President of the NCNCHINC

RE: Federal Marijuana Bill HR 2306 and Florida State of Florida Medical Marijuana Petition:

 Date: 5 August 2013

A Marijuana Report on Federal Bill –
HR 2306 & Florida Medical Marijuana

A must read for the chiefs with an attention span:

HR-2306: To limit the application of Federal Laws to the distribution and consumption of Marijuana, and for other purposes.

Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida Petition:


On 23 June 2011; Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex) and Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass), introduced a bill sponsored by Rep. Barney Frank, that would end the prohibition of marijuana by the Federal Government of the United States of America.  It would remove marijuana as a controlled substance and limit the Federal Governments role to interstate transport, leaving the states with the rights to legalize the drug.

Now in the State of Florida a non profit organization known as United for Care, being backed by John Morgan a famous personal injury lawyer is sponsoring a petition that will legalize marijuana for medical purposes in the State of Florida.  They need 700,000 signatures on the petition by February 1st, 2014, to get it on the November 2014 ballot and then 60% of the votes to make this law, here in the State of Florida.  And money is needed to create the buzz necessary to get the word out across Florida.

It will be an uphill battle because still over 600,000 signatures are needed at the time of this writing, but it can be done.  But I am a man of vision and see this as an opportunity for us to create more political empowerment in poor communities across the State of Florida and America.  Because this is a relevant issue in the Hip Hop Community, whereby many of them are absent at the voting booths.

It is my position that legal marijuana for medical purposes, is a major step towards the legalization of marijuana period.  I believe that marijuana will be as big to America as the common aspirin.  Marijuana has so many wonderful and proven medical uses, as you will see at the end of the article, which means if this bill is passed, many people who use it now will be able to use it legally for medical purposes in the future, without committing a crime in the process.

I realize that many people are against this bill because they are against drugs.  But a drug is a drug and the pharmaceutical industry is booming, selling drugs that are doing more harm than good in many cases.  They are pushing many drugs that have awful side effects that are laterally killing people.  If you are against drugs you are against the pharmaceutical industry which is a war you can never win.  So take a reality check on the subject and at least read my argument as to why this is so important and is in need of the attention of all people who care about our youth as well as the many sick people these bills will help.

What many peoples concerns are, is that many of our youth use marijuana as a recreational drug.  Yet on the same page they realize we for example in the black communities across the country, live in a sick community and society.  We are infected with diseases of single parenthood, crime infestation due to illegal drugs and I say again illegal drugs, an enormously high illiteracy rate causing super high unemployment, redlining practices eliminating any chance for new investments on the properties in our communities that are being condemned everyday.  So I ask is their abuse really recreational or are they sick in need of professional care?

It is my position that, we do have a problem with our people self sedating themselves.  But the reality is that we are a sick community of people and it would be better if these drugs were administered by a doctor to address the many aliments that exist within our communities.  A fight for marijuana is a fight to better our community and not to worsen it.  Marijuana is here and is not going away, the question is, are the oppressive laws that are incarcerating our youth going to be eliminated.  Anyone against the legalization of marijuana is against black people in general, because the drug is not going away, our youth are sick and are self medicating  due to oppressive laws, repressive laws and their station in America. 

Only six out of ten Americans have a job today, therefore the actual unemployment rate is 40%, it is probably more like three out of ten in  the black community or 70% unemployment.  These are the real numbers!  This is the reason for so much hopelessness.  Legalized marijuana will not restore hope in itself, but it would reduce the incarceration rate of our youth, giving them a chance at life, which is too often stolen due to the law of the land.  And like any medications, often other services are required, meaning in some cases psychological and/or psychiatric help will come with the prescriptions and man y of the problems faced by our youth could be addressed professionally.

I wrote the NAACP about this matter, I want to know their position on this agenda.  Mr. Al Hinson, the President of the NAACP here in Avon Park, FL., recently addressed the lack of minority representation here in Avon Park, FL. And was only able to produce ten bodies at that City Council meeting.  The NAACP is weak here in Highlands County and in the nation, only because they are out of touch with today’s relevant issues concerning our youth and because of that they are not able to reach our younger population, who are AWOL at the voting booths nationwide.  Why?  Because they are still fighting for Martin Luther King’s dream and not the dream of our younger generation. This is not the 1960’s, we are in the 21st century.  We must attempt to reach our youth, which will be the leaders of tomorrow.  They are crying out for help, but are being ignored due to the arrogance of yesterday’s leaders who are dying off due to old age.

I realize I may be on the wrong side of history, when it comes to marriage equality,  but I know I am on the right side of the God of my understanding, on that issue.  But too many black leaders today are on the wrong side of history when it comes to the legalization of marijuana.  I did not hear Al Sharpton, Benjamin Todd Jealous or Jesse Jackson, speak up to end the prohibition of marijuana or even to make it legal for medical purposes, but they found the time to lend their hands to marriage equality.  Why?  Marriage equality is not a black issue as prominent to us as the marijuana dilemma that is destroying our black youth everyday, simply because they are self medicating over issues unresolved.  They are crying out for help, but are being ignored, yet we know they need help and refuse to give it to them.  Like I said a prescription for marijuana could also mean other forms of professional help as a requirement, if the reason is due to a mental disorder and recreational use can sometimes be a symptom of depression and other issues.

It is a  reality that the movement to legalize marijuana has reached the U.S. Congress and it is a real issue that has now reached Florida politics and must be addressed as we must reduce government spending.  1.1 million people or 1 out of 6 in federal prison are in for marijuana related crimes and most of them are non violent offenders.  Only to leave behind parentless children?  This has to be address and the I say black leadership is AWOL and as a result the black voting block is weakened today.  And this is an opportunity to generate a new interest in black politics in America and Florida.

Nobody knows how much is being spend to retain the prohibition of marijuana.  Here are things to consider:

Cost of keeping marijuana illegal:

  • cost of active law enforcement +
  • cost of prosecution (and defense!)
    of accused offenders +
  • cost of incarceration of convicted
    offenders +
  • billions of dollars in tax revenue
    that would be generated if drugs were legal and taxed +
  • cost of foster care and social
    services for children of incarcerated offenders.

It was estimated by the top economists that at a minimum the end of prohibition
would save us $10B to $14B annually instantly and our marijuana crop is now
worth about $34B and if taxed could bring in at least $7B annual tax revenue.

I think the prohibition of marijuana is bad policy, because it is destroying too
many lives and is disenfranchising to many young Americans.  We have the soil to grow it and should take the leadership position on this one.


Here in the Heartland of Florida, we have the fertile soil, sunlight and plenty water. The changes of these laws could literally save our economy, therefore it has to be at least debated by Floridians, especially in the Heartland.  And black leadership across the nation should take this opportunity, to begin a voters registration drive like none other before and wakeup our children to today’s politics by paying attention to their issues and not just theirs.  I say a vote is a vote and they (Oppressive Legislators) fear the voter, even if their pants are below their underwear’s.  The black Hip Hop vote is a vote that could be trained to vote for what is good for our community.  We need a voters registration drive now, while an issues of relevance is on the table for the young black voters in Florida.  And this is not a black issue, many whites who are young and AWOL at the booths can be woken up.

If HR: 2306 is passed, what will it mean to the Nation and the State of Florida? If medical marijuana become law in Florida, what would it mean to our legal system and our economy?  The Federal Government decision is about smaller government and the decision to downsize is written in stone, it must and will happen.  Many services must be reduced at federal level to include law enforcement groups.  The question is where do they downsize?  We are in a war against terrorism, which is the FBI’s priority and the DEA is in a war against young black America, it is war we can no longer afford to fight, because it is destroying the American Family (black and white) and the American people as a whole, at a financial cost the country realizes it can no longer afford.

It is my position that for there to be relevant changes in how we accomplish the economic recovery and maintain smaller government, there has to be legislative changes all the way down to the ordinances in our cities throughout the nation and HR 2306 is an example of how to create more revenue and both execute smaller government thru legislative change.

It is my hope that not only does this bill be passed but also be modified because it does not address an important issue as to if marijuana is ultimately legalized by the State of Florida and other states in the nation and in the world as a whole.

The issue is commerce:  Florida and California are the main potential production states of  marijuana in our Nation.  These two states depend on agriculture and both got hit hard by mortgage foreclosures.  Both states need money bad and the marijuana crop is the U.S. is our most valued crop and could be a turning point for both economies.    As California is well on their way Florida has been a backwards state with a lot of oppressive ordinances, laws and rules and we need legislative changes ASAP.  And now the opportunity has knocked on our doors in Florida, with the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida

The problem with HR 2306 as it is written is that it does not allow interstate commerce of marijuana which hurts large scale production states that could immensely profit from its exportation, such as Florida.

As the law stands this could create a pipeline for the underworld and the government will lose a lot of money as a result of illegal transport across State lines.  Interstate commerce has to be addressed in this bill.

Here in Highlands County and the Heartland of Florida, we have a lot
of unsheltered territory.  We have a agriculture market that is weakening as fruit prices are going up due to labor shortages, farmers are having a difficult time clearing their trees as less workers are laboring the fields.  Why?  Because the pay is too low for the work and therefore we depend on foreign labor?  These are the type of issues that must be addressed.

A HR: 2306 addendum should be added to allow interstate transport from one State to another by air or ground or sea to any State or country that allows legal marijuana sales.

The State of Florida and the State of California are our main agricultural States.  The Florida Department of Agriculture has to be subsidized by marijuana growers in the State of Florida.  Understand marijuana will grow plentiful in the Heartland of Florida.  Here we have plenty open space to produce the crop, sunlight and water, but we cannot simply replace agriculture farmers with marijuana farmers we must protect our food industry in America.  So farmers has to have an incentive to grow food in their bank accounts.

Marijuana Farming should have legislative intent  that goes beyond the obvious which is smaller government and new tax revenues from a new source.  And it should address many other issues contingent to the legalization of marijuana in Florida.


Things on the fly that should be address:


#1: Marijuana Agriculture subsidy Act of Florida:


When you have two crops that come from the same place and one cost $1,500 per pound and another $.99 per pound.  They have to balance out at the department
labor and the supermarket.  By keeping marijuana at high prices we can lower the prices of fruits and vegetables and increase the wages of the agricultural labor force across the board.


#2: Marijuana Fair Licensing Act: 


Let us face it, most of the farmers already control the land to produce the crops here in the Heartland.  Most of the contracts will naturally go to the agriculture farmers to grow the marijuana crop, but not all the fields, as a marijuana plant the size of a football field could produce a million dollars in crops annually easily.


A) Only citizens of the United States of America and Florida can commercially farm marijuana in the State Florida.


B) Minorities have to be guaranteed a percentage of the cultivation licenses and worldwide distribution and like I said part “and a mean a nice slice of the state taxes” must go to subsidize the fruit and vegetable industry here in the State of Florida and in the Heartland.  This has to be fair and reasonable for both sides.


C) Permanent residents of the state should have a priority for the employment on marijuana plants on location in Florida and the Heartland, to include positions such as security of these valued crops and the harvesting of them as well as packaging and caregivers of medical marijuana.


D) Military Veterans should have a priority as venders/distributors of Marijuana.  Venders must be Florida citizens without a felony conviction or with pardon/clemency from the Federal government or state from which he/she distributes out of.


3) The Florida Infrastructure Development Act: 


After we subsidize agriculture of off the top, to secure our labor forces and bring down the price of fruits and vegetables.  Insure that this market is a living wages industry and protect our local labor force, we have to set an agenda to help our overall economy.  Here the governor has to set his own initiative.  We need public
transportation here in Highlands County and the Heartland in the form of buses
and connecting trains and buses to go into production as a nationwide transport network and hub.

Medical Uses of Marijuana making it legal to many who use it illegally

The medical use of marijuana has been known since ancient times.

Here’s a list of the most popular medical conditions marijuana is famous for

Asthma: over 15,000,000 Americas are affected with asthma. Marijuana would be beneficial for 80% of them if it were available. The treatment of marijuana
and asthma
has been used for thousands of years – it is a proven medical treatment.

Glaucoma: causes 14% of all blindness in America. Marijuana smoking would help thousands that suffer from it.

Tumors: both benign and malignant (cancerous) tumors have reacted promisingly to the medical use of marijuana. Marijuana was given a bad name through yellow journalism. It was said to cause health problems – when instead it has been successfully used in tumor research – millions of individuals have used it for treating themselves
after the bad effects of conventional medicine.

marijuana and cancer, nausea relief (Aids, cancer therapy, sea sickness) are all treated successfully with marijuana.

Chemotherapy treatment has some nasty side effects that include nausea. When the patient is already in such bad condition, not being able to eat is just too much –
marijuana treatment is the best known way for these people to combat the nausea
caused by chemotherapy.

Epilepsy: 60% of epilepsy patients would benefit by marijuana smoking. Smoking marijuana is also a major source of relief for Multiple Sclerosis and other nervous systems and muscular weaknesses. Tremors and Back Pain are among this group of ailments that respond favorably to smoking marijuana.

Antibiotic CBD disinfectants: medical use of marijuana has been proven as an
antibiotic. There are many uses for a cannabin, including treatments for
gonorrhea and herpes. If research were allowed, CBD antibiotics would, without
a doubt, be used in every hospital.

Arthritis: and other ailments like Cystic fibrosis and Rheumatism benefited from the marijuana topical analgesic until 1937. Marijuana was in nearly all conventional medicine before it was outlawed – without any proof or reason what-so-ever. Smoking marijuana is good for some ailments, but for others the topical treatment really gets to
the problem.

Lung Cleaner: smoking marijuana is the best way to clean the lungs of smog,
dust, and phlegm associated with tobacco. People that have become addicted to
tobacco have switched to marijuana smoking and find it is far better for their
lungs and health in general. Marijuana is not addictive in the same way tobacco
is – it can be done, without withdrawals.

Sleeping and relaxation: marijuana lowers blood pressure and dilates the arteries – relieves stress – creates a feeling of happiness and contentment. Most all conventional
sleep and relaxants have bad long range effects, and many people complain about
short range bad effects. Marijuana has no short or long range side effects.

Heart Disease and Marijuana

Uses of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana and Medical Use

How to Use Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Medical Use

Marijuana depression click on the chart image below to see the full spectrum of
marijuana’s therapeutic use.

Medical use of marijuana is so broad it is hard to imagine how or why the whole world
of people would do without this most needed medicine.

If conventional medicine had a track record like medical marijuana, we would only
need a few doctors because everybody would be healthy and laughing most all the time like they do when they are able to enjoy their marijuana. Happiness is getting the use of marijuana full time for everyone in the world.

Marijuana brain-marijuana and emphysema – marijuana and migraines – marijuana and
appetite –marijuana Alzheimer’s– and many other ailments are treated today with the illegal medicine with good results and NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Conventional medicine, can’t make any claim their drugs won’t cause more medical problems than they cure. The side effects are so outrageous it is a wonder so many educated people are so passive as to accept such risky stuff they call medicine. The medical use of marijuana is getting more important to sick people
all the time.

Medical marijuana research ,Marijuana is the most important medicine on the face of
the earth – none other has ever come close! Medical Marijuana Uses are beneficial for any human immune system. Real medicine, for healing the ailments other kinds of medicine won’t begin to deal with.



Below is a reservoir of info.  HR: 2306 & Hyperlinks:




New Federal Bill put before the Congress to Repeal Marijuana Prohibition HR 2306:


Federal Marijuana Law:


Florida Marijuana Law:


Nationwide state by state – Marijuana Laws:


The Price to Keep Marijuana Illegal:


Medical Marijuana Directory:


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