Health Care Reform and Medical Marijuana – The Black Youth

Black Youth

Health Care Reform and Medical Marijuana – The Black Youth

It is my goal to act as a facilitator and reach out to our younger generation. I vow to this today! I am talking about the young men and women in their late teens, 20’s and early 30’s. I believe we as a community are weak only because we are overlooking our younger generation. We disapprove of their behavior, things like wearing their pants below their waistline, their use or abusive language in camaraderie, such as the use of the term nigger (Nigga) and other things I cannot think of off the top of my head, that are relevant in today’s society. We put them down for smoking marijuana, forgetting all the beer and wine we drank which is medically proven to be much worst. And the sad thing about this is they are a generation of the lost tribe, because many of their parents went AWOL and did not properly raise them or mold them to survive in this unfair and dangerous world as they themselves fell victimized by the crack epidemic. And today they easily forget, but the children certainly remember and are acting on it each day.

We unfairly judge them, even though they did not ask to come to this planet, but out of lust in many cases they were born and you know it. They were born out of lust and they are still not being shown any love, by their lustful parents, who are still on their personal agendas. Not realizing they will eventually be our caretakers and tax payers. Today they depend on us, but tomorrow we will depend on them. So we will get what we put into them. Like anything worth having, you have to work at it diligently.

But are we so selfish and arrogant to not seize the opportunities and perhaps last hope for our own refuge. Because as sure as time passes by, either you will get older or die. We cannot do what we once could do in our youth. And the youth in our community are not being nurtured to ever be independent and self sufficient, none the less take care of us. We are dealing ourselves losing hands, only because we are selfish and are only thinking of ourselves in the moment.

I think the most significant contemporary issue now faced in American society is the marijuana dilemma. We can ignore it and self destruct or become proactive and address it. If we think marijuana is a problem drug like the crack our generation abused or the heroin or alcohol the generation before us abused, we should address it as so. We should not turn our backs on our youth, but instead we need to mechanize them into becoming a political force that must be duly recognized by the status quo. With our leadership it can happen and they can become the leaders of tomorrow. And trust me, when I say one day they will be forced to lead ready or not. Let us hope they are properly prepared by us by our actions.

I believe that health care reform coupled with medical marijuana legislation, may well solve the problem we are faced with today in the black community. The problem is that our youth are self medicating with marijuana to the point of abuse. In many cases this is due to depression as a result of abuse. Many of the young adults in the black community had to raised themselves or was abused and neglected and this is a fact. We leave in a times whereby unemployment without an unemployment check is reality for too many people, who have to depend on food stamps to eat. We have a workforce of 62%, only 6 out of 10 people have a job today and the numbers double in the black community. We are living in a times of hopelessness and despair. When I was growing up times were no where near as hard as they are today, yet still I went astray. So how can I blame these younger adults for their actions today. They are being dealt a losing hand to begin with, whereby I created my losing hand. So who I am to judge their behaviorisms?

Back when I was child, heroin hit the streets hard. And to mitigate their addictions, they were handed methadone a drug that was even worst. But it was accepted by society as a treatment for heroin addiction. I say thank the Lord that our biggest problem with our youth is marijuana. Because when it came to a drug of choice, they are smarter than the last three generation for alcohol to heroin to crack and now it is marijuana? Because the good thing about marijuana is that with the legislation being proposed and already passed the treatment for this abuse can be the drug itself.

When you understand all the proven good uses that marijuana has, you will realize that our children stumbled onto something that may be illegal today, but is good for them in so many other ways. The fact that it is a crime is the main problem and not the drug itself. And with health care reform, they will be able to get it for free, which will eliminate a lot of street crimes, because they will not have to break the laws to get their drug of choice.

And if it is prescribe because of mental problems such as insomnia, depression or even substance abuse, because people do abuse prescription drugs, it can be dealt with as so, under the new health care reform bill known as Obama-Care. This will put an end to a lot of the crimes being committed in the black communities across the country and Florida and put our children under psychological care, in one shot deal.

But we must be proactive because many states are opting out of health care reform to include Florida. The oppressive legislators must hear our voices in the 2014 elections. For this reason we must start a voters registration drive unlike ever before, because all they understand is a voting public. Hanging pants with a voters registration card is as much a threat as any other voter.

Anyone against legalized marijuana for medical uses and health care reform, hates our black youth and wants to destroy them to kill us all off. Therefore any black man or woman in his/her 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s which is the main voting block in the black community, are self destructive fools. Wakeup to our children’s dream, because they had a dream too. Help them realize it!

Frank Paul Jones
President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC


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