The Federal Laws and Positions on Marijuana is a Hypocrisy

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The Federal Laws and Positions on Marijuana is a Hypocrisy

During the months between June thru September 2001, I had an episode of insomnia, I stayed up for about three months consecutively, with at most on any given day 1 hour sleep from about 8 AM to 9AM.  I remember the approximate dates because I was under the care of Dr. Hardy at the time of 9/11.  I remember seeing the second jet hit the World Trade Towers, it was around that time that I was put to sleep using 800 mg of Seroguel.


Dr. Hardy put me to sleep with 800 MG of Seroguel. It worked well however the side effects caused my diabetes to worsen. My onset of diabetes was a result of a drug called Olanzapine given me prior to Seroquel, which is in my VA medical records.  Now I take Geodon and it does the same thing, it is a matter of time before my glucose goes up uncontrollably. They are slowly but surely killing me.


I am diagnosed as being bipolar and schizophrenic, with grandiose delusions and they know I have a sleeping problem that they associate with these diagnoses.  I am not going to go into why I have this diagnosis, but I am going to explain my dilemma.  I am being treated for delusions, while I agree to take the medications only to get sleep.  I am in it for sleep which is the bottom line, because the patterns of my thoughts are still unchanged after over 20 years. They cannot change my memories and they know this, because I remember what I remember and I still believe I was put under hypnosis and given truth serum in the process, but perhaps (maybe) it was all in foul play.  I do not know, but I still remember things that are said to be untrue by my treating physicians.  For this reason I am unhappy with my treatment at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center. 


My doctor took away my controlled substance that assisted me with sleep as a result of drug abuse (marijuana).  But they too had side effects also and were highly addictive.   I went to rehabilitation because of this and have been clean since February 2013.  But rehab on a federal installation did not take my marijuana addiction seriously, they released me a week early, because my only problem was weed.  But it is a schedule 1 substance according to the DEA, I find this to be a hypocrisy.    Because while cocaine addicts and opiate addicts, not only stayed for the whole 4 weeks but are often encouraged to stay an additional 4 months, yet these are schedule 2 substances.  So the federal laws and positions are not consistent with the psychiatric treatments offered by the federal government.


I admit, I needed documented clean time and I only stopped because it is illegal and I could not afford street drugs on my fixed income without becoming a criminal.  I had a court case opened and  I was not receiving services I needed by Vocational Rehabilitation all because marijuana is such a bad drug. I had a choice of not eating and paying my bills to sleep or take the prescribe meds with side effects and be able to eat and pay my bills. And as a direct result of my quitting, my court case was dismissed.  But still if it is the worst drug on the streets, I should have been treated by the federal facility as so and I was not.  Marijuana addiction is not taken seriously by the FEDS at  medical centers, it is only taken seriously by the courts and that is a travesty of justice and medical hypocrisy.


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