Why I did what I have done & the Judgment

Paul @ 11

Why I did what I have done & the Judgment

Power given to a child, can be dangerous. I was born with a gift.  As a kid I could read a person’s mind literally (telepathy).  I had a photographic memory and could even could move object using my mind.  Because of this I believed I was God and was told this by my elders.  As a child, I made the Mafia a lot of money, they called me Paul Castellano after Big Paul.  I am said to be Carlo Gambino‘s son.  I do not know if it is biological or what but I excepted the role and it is undisputable within the Gambino Family.


As a kid I made money legally as well as illegally.  They use to tell me to invent things  and the next week or two they would make commercials on television selling my inventions at stores like Genovese and Walworth.  This was my recreation.  We made a killing on these ideas on how to do things easy using one of my gismos.  Back then I was smart in school, I could have been anything I wanted to be, a doctor, a lawyer a baseball player, anything I wanted to be.  But I choose to be a God, to rule over the world.


Not too many things that happened on this planet on my watch, did not come by me.  I think I was about ten years old when we sent a man to the moon.  Because in the beginning all I did was good things so it seemed.  The world could be a beautiful today, had I been groomed to do good.  But people would not have given me my due credit and that was a problem.


Take Dr, King, we was behind his movement.  He cried out I want this and I want that and I made it happen.  But he was before his time and so he had to go, not because of his work being bad, but because he wanted to make people believe it was him, when it was me behind him.  Had Dr. King lived he would have become the first black president and things would have be nicer than they are today, but he would have gotten all of the credit for my works and talents.  I was raise to believe that God is a jealous God. I was jealous of Dr. King, because he would have made me out to be an evil person and not a God and the black community would have love him and hated me.


My mother was poisoned when  I was 11 years old.  I was child, when the kids behind it asked me how to do it and I told them.  I lead two personalities that of  Paul Castellano and Frank Paul Jones.  Under that powerful mindset I became Paul Castellano, but I am Frank Paul Jones under normal circumstances.  This happened when I was hypnotized as a child.  Paul Castellano allowed my mother Blond Eva to be poisoned and he fixed her and sent her away faking her death.  Frank Paul Jones endured the death of his mother and lost the closest person to him when I was 16 years old.  So in reality, I poisoned my mother using hands and kill her so she could led a better life.  Because technology wasn’t as it is now and if she would have recovered they would have known what I could do before it was time for that medical technology.


Like I said so many times, the bible is a self fulfilling prophesy, if you believe it than it will happen.  The world is catching hell today because they being African Americans by majority believed in the bible.  Had I simply said, I am here I am the Son of God and have come to save you all and things got better, they would have called me the devil.  Because they believed the bible bullshit, I gave them what they asked for.  Like they say, be careful about what you ask for.  I hate the life I led and I made a huge sacrifice, to make this all happen.  But I did what I have done, because I chose to be a God, which is the highest achievement of mankind.


I could have been a Bill Gates, hell he is an employee.  Do you really think all that money is his alone, when something like the Mafia exist?  I could have been a Michael Jackson, do you really believe he sold all those records because he was so talented?  But instead I suffered, in oppression among you all, an insignificant everyday black man.  So that on my day you would know I loved you all.


But people will blame me for AIDS on my day and not its cure, the wars fought and not the end of wars, their sufferings and not the end of their sufferings, but I know you all brought it on yourselves.  When I was a kid I told you all that the bible is bullshit and that I am God.  But people shunned me and laugh at me, while they went to church.  They called me a fool and ungodly for speaking up against their oppressors codes.   Now it is all coming true and they will blame me for this as well. But doesn’t that same bible teach you that God is a jealous God?  But now they will say but you are not God, you are a man.  But this is exactly what I told them as a child, Jesus Christ is a man and not God.


So now even after all of this, they are looking for a so-called Jew to come out of the clouds from Israel and save them.  Hell I gave you all cyber space and I am coming to you out of the clouds.  But the same Israel that attempted to nuke their asses in New York City, you give praise to.  But they will blame me not for saving New York City, but for selling the Illuminati duds and 9/11.


But that same bible that they will be judged by says, “either you are for me or against me.”  And only a chosen few will make it to the kingdom of God. And I hate to say this, but I see it happening.  I did what I have done, because you believed what you was brainwashed to believe.


At the moment I regret all the sufferings I brought on myself.  I did not have to suffer so long, but I chose to. But I was told when it is all over it will all seem like a day and I will suffer no more.  But remember, “you are either for me or against me.”  And for those against me, the sufferings have only just begun and what is to come will feel like eternity.  I know on my day I have to forgive you all, but the secret is you have to forgive me as well.  Because an army is coming to carryout the judgment, once I do find it in my heart to forgive, an army I will have no control over as the Son will carryout the judgment like angels from heaven.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


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