A Divided Kingdom Will Fall

 Paul in Avon Park, FL

A Divided Kingdom Will Fall

There can be but one boss of bosses and in a family there can be but one head to the household. Ultimately the boss has the last word, sure there can be a democracy in the decision making process, but at the end, someone will take the credit for the success or the blame for the organization as a whole. Therefore someone must have the right to make the final decision, which may not always result in a democratic vote. Because at some point the buck must stop or the whole craft my well fall due to an error, like a divided kingdom and too many will fall as a result of this. Though the boss is the last to fall, sometimes for the good of the many he has to take the fall, but his fall is his call.

A Dom should have a support network that extends to his home, because he does not need unwarranted distractions. A boss should have peace of mind and peace in his house and if he is the head of the Family of made men, most certainly he must be the head of a family of a woman and children. If the household does not support him, he must at some point count his losses, because his responsibility is much bigger than his personal stake, as a Dom he is responsible of the Kingdom of made men. And for a Dom there is nothing worst than a bickering companion, because this will make him make an error in judgment that can cause the lives and livelihood of the many. Understand that many divided kingdoms are a result of errors in judgment, which may not have anything to do with business, but are often a result of personal dramas in the home.

The family must be one unit or one body, but there are many parts to a body of made men. Just as there is a head, there are hands, nothing in the body knows what to do without the head. But even the head cannot survive without the heart, now can it? Though the head is important it cannot live alone without the assistance of certain parts of the body, yet certain parts of the body can be cut for the good of the whole. A head that thinks he can function by himself is a arrogant fool and he will be the leader of a few fools adding up to nothing relevant. Therefore a leader who says he needs no one to lead is a liar or a fool. Just as a chief needs a tribe and Dom needs made men to operate and function.

And I warn you all, the mouth can make you or break you. See many fools think it is about what you eat. “I do not eat pork” they say or “I do not eat beef” they say “I am a vegetarian.” But the key to eating is to eat in moderation, too much of anything will kill you. But the key to your mouth is not what goes into it, but what comes out of it. A sign of a dirty mouth is not stink breath, because a dentist can fix that, the sign of a dirty mouth is foul language. Do you not know that what you say can destroy you. A wise person is quick to listen and slow to speak, because what you say you can never take back. When you offend someone with your dirty mouth, he may forgive you, but he will never forget what you said.

Sure it is true to say that often though the truth hurts, the truth can sometimes bring about corrective actions. But distorted versions of your reality, may not actually be the truth. I was taught as a child, when I started drinking about a drunk. See because I got drunk, I understood what was being taught to me by my father. He said, “Anger is like a drunk, when you get angry you make mistakes due to poor judgment.” People tend to say things they should not say as a result of getting angry and like alcohol, sometimes it acts as a truth serum. So an angry person should be even more cautious than a sober person and a sober person knows to be quick to listen and slow to speak. This applies double to someone under the influence of alcohol and drugs of any sorts.

But understand that a sober mind take time to develop sometimes. It took me almost 15 years to develop a sober mind, because I was active for almost 15 years. I was in my 30’s before I understood clarity. People think because they did not drink for a day or two they are sober. But in reality their mind’s are not clear, because often people drank for an effect for many year to not deal with a problem associated with their psyche. And this problem can become suppressed by constant alcohol and drug use and activities and for a whole lifetime can go un dealt with. This is not a sober mind, because remember anger is like a drunk and until a person deals with whatever is bothering them, they are actually not of sound mind and body.

To make a contract you must be of sound mind and body. A contract is a commitment. No man can be committed to anything unless he is sober first. It is for this reason that made men should not be actively involved in drunkard ness and drug abuse. If a person has an alcohol or drug problem he should first seek help before his induction, because in the absence of this his word is not bondable. “Your word is your bond,” but a drunk has nothing wise to say.

I am telling you this from experience. I was once blind but now I can see, I was lost but now I am found. All these things are words of wisdom and keys to good leadership. And all made men must have leadership qualities, because you never know what might happen and your number may be called to do big things. Understand this thing is bigger than any one man. Understanding this message will unconcealed the causes of division. And understand that the decisions you make should be for a cause greater than yourself and for the greatness of the Kingdom as a whole.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

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  1. Hello Mr. Gambino, I found your website by accident and to be honest I have been taken by surprise. All that I’ve read…wow, it’s almost as if every thing I’ve believed to be true about Janet, isn’t. I actually feel sad for Janet and her siblings, Joseph is an evil money hungry man. The system has swallowed them up. I always thought Janet was more grounded and more appreciative of those that have helped her to her success. I have been a long time fan and now…I don’t know my thoughts aren’t the same. Can you answer a question for me? Is she really married to Wissam Al Mana, or this another publicity stunt?

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