Vote Pro-life in 2014 Midterm Vote Democrat

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Vote Pro-life in 2014 Midterm Vote Democrat

Did you know that all 435 seats in the house is up for reelections in 2014 ?  This is the republican controlled house I am talking about.  And 33 out of 100 seats in the Senate is up for grabs, enough to allow the republicans to steal the senate.  And 38 governorships are up for reelections. So do not allow the term midterm elections throw you off, because the direction of America depends on these elections.  Not to mention in 2016 we elect a new president, which means the aftermath of these elections can be detrimental, if republicans take charge of the house and senate, everything President Obama accomplished can be undone overnight, so do not sleep on this.


I came across some factual statistics, while planning an agenda concerning our (The NCNCHINC) support for legalization of marijuana for medical use in the state of Florida.  I wrote about this is another article called “we must target registered voters for medical marijuana petition.”  At first when I decided to join this movement in Florida I thought that we would need to start a voters registration drive unlike any before to get people registered to vote in order to complete this petition of 700,000 signatures, but I found out that 87% of the people over 18 years of age in Highlands County, Florida are already registered to vote, which is about 61,619 people as of August 14th, 2013.  This is extraordinary because there are only about 100,000 people here.  A voters registration drive unlike ever before already happened.


The  reason for this was the voters registration drive to keep or remove President Obama in or out of office.  I believe his elections were racially divisive, but it was also decisive, because not only was a good president elected to address the contemporary issues, but it brought millions to the polls who ordinarily would have withheld from politics.  Now a new form of communications must develop, to fully benefit from this expansion in registered voters. Understand that politicians will listen to registered voters, when they organize their voices as one.  For this reason politicians often practices the craft of dividing constituents through moral/ethical issues and racial lines.  Because as long as we remain divided they can remain in power and do nothing for us while in power, but rob and cheat the people of their rights.


For this reason, we must come together on issues effecting all people, to include democrats, republicans and other parties like independents. The mid-term elections are bigger than many people think and one thing about African Americans is that we tend to back our one leader and expect results. Like Dr. King for example and after he got killed black people became a group with our head cut off.   Sure we backed President Obama, but he is now leads a divided kingdom, in a democracy.  And just like we voted him into office, we must apply the same principles in the 2014 mid-term elections or all can become futile.


I do not believe in partisan politics, I believe the best man or woman should win, but those in office do not think on their own, they are supporters of their parties and not their constituents, so we must vote accordingly.  For President Obama to complete his agenda he needs people he can work with, because unless we correct this partisan politics cartel, it will continue. To vote for a divided Congress is to vote for two more years on nothing getting done and possibly a four years swing in the other direction come 2016.  Because if we sleep now we will sleep then.  The 2014 midterm elections are as big as President Obama’s reelection, but so far we have been sleeping on it.


I think and I speak for myself and not my organization that Healthcare Reform aka Obamacare can be a deciding factor in 2014.  Obamacare is an issue of empathy for the sick as is medical marijuana laws. People will vote in a democrat to live.  Because people of all party affiliations are without healthcare and want it.  And I think the Republicans are making a huge error in judgment in republican controlled states opting out of Obamacare and making it an issue in partisan politics.  A vote for a democrat is a vote for healthcare, which is a vote for life.  In 2014 a vote for a democrat is pro-life for the already living.


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC





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